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Full HD Breast Augmentation

Full HD Breast Augmentation

Detailed technique using endoscope to create
Natural Y-line, tear drop shaped breasts

What is Full HD Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Unlike normal breast surgery that places emphasis on the size only, using a full HD endoscope, id’s highly experienced surgeons create breasts with a natural-looking cleavage . Also, the texture is very similar to natural breasts.
Full HD Endoscope Tear Drop Breast Surgery creates natural volume with attractive tear drop breasts with natural cleavage.

Full HD Endoscope Tear Drop Breast Surgery that creates tear drop natural looking breasts

What type of breasts are considered beautiful?
Tear drop shaped breasts with a natural-looking cleavage.

id Hospital’s solution for creating tear drop shaped breasts with a beautiful shape, firm, and natural-looking.

Benefits of Full HD Endoscope Tear Drop Breast Surgery

Customized tear drop cleavage pocket design

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Step 1

After accurately analyzing your breasts through health checkup and ultrasonography, a specialist surgeon will have a consultation with you.

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Step 2

At id, we select suitable type and size of breast implant and design a tear drop Y-line pocket that will fit the shape of your breasts.

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Step 3

A specialist’s detailed technology using full HD endoscope allows the implant to be inserted over or under pectoral muscles and allowing for natural motion of the breast.

Breast surgery with beautiful texture

Point 1

Using a full HD endoscope, breast implants are inserted into the right position. Excellent placement of the implant gives you have a natural-looking breasts, without feeling any strange texture.

Point 2

We use a special cleansing solution during the surgery for preventing capsular contracture and anti-adhesion solution for preventing capsules formation to further rule out capsular contracture.

Point 3

After surgery, we prescribe you medicine for preventing capsular contracture and to get rid of any possible side-effects that may occur.

id Hospital takes care of the pain after surgery

Four Special points of full HD endoscope with id’s know-how

No blood pocket
At id Hospital, a trained surgeon plans the surgery beforehand and conducts the surgery promptly, which minimizes bleeding. There is no need for blood pockets.
No compression bandages
Using Full endoscope minimizes exfoliation, so the implants are do not move or change shape. Compression bandages are not needed.
No hospitalization
Short surgical duration, precise desquamation, less bleeding decreases recovery period. Hospitalization is not needed.
No massage
Implants are located closely to the breast tissue, there’s no empty space inside the breasts where implants are inserted. Thus, extra massage after the surgery is not required.

Volume, natural tear drop shape, and natural texture like real breasts!

We create beautiful tear drop
Y-line breasts without defects.

id breast surgery’s exclusive care system

Exclusive Care 01

Safe Surgery Comprehensive Checkup

To receive a safe surgery! We discern all the possibilities of what might happen during and after surgery through comprehensive checkups. / Patients’ condition is thoroughly analyzed, and a safe surgical environment is prepared based on the results of 50 exams that are detailed and comprehensive.

Exclusive Care 02

Definite prevention of capsular contracture

  • Special solution cleanser to prevent capsular contracture where the implant goes in
  • Antibiotics cocktails are injected to prevent capsular contracture
  • Anti-adhesion solution for preventing capsules formation

Exclusive Care 03

Intercostal Anesthesia, Pain ↓

Intercostal anesthesia, which is injected between the ribs, paralyzes the nerves the nerves in the breast area to reduce pain.
Therefore, intercostal anesthesia eliminates any pain during the surgery, and pain is significantly reduced even you wake up after the surgery.

Exclusive Care 04

Professional care in a professional space

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Helps you recover fast through lymph massage, low level light therapy, high frequency, and infrared light program.

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id Dermatology

Professional scar treatment program at id Dermatology treats even small scars.

Exclusive Care 05

Breast Ultrasound Test

Before surgery

Breast and the thorax structures are accurately analyzed through an updated high-resolution, ultrasound device, and a personalized breast surgery is planned to create beautiful breast shape.

Breast structure diagnosed + Thorax structure analyzed + Understanding thickness & structure of subcutaneous layer

After surgery

Breast tissue and condition along with the implant are checked through annual health exam to make safe, healthy breasts and satisfying surgical result.

Surgery Information

Surgery time

1 hour


General anesthesia


Not required

Removal of stitches

Not required /
About 1 week after

Recovery time

3~4 days

※ Alert: Common side effects such as bleeding and infection may occur post surgery and varies according to each patient so careful attention is needed.

Before and After Photos