Facial Contouring Center
V-Line Surgery
Types of V-line surgery
  1. Angled face

  2. Wide and big face

  3. Overdeveloped facial muscles

  4. Excessive soft tissues

  5. Short face

  6. Long face

Before & after photos
Surgical procedures of V-line surgery
① Bone is removed by a single smooth cut. .

② The chin is narrowed safely without any injury to nerves.

③ The remaining portion of the mandible that protrudes is cut off.

④ The lower jaw is narrowed, giving a V-line facial line.
Ways to determine the shape of the chin
  Patients worry about whether or not V-line surgery would make the chinlook too pointy. Some worry about whether or not they will be satisfied with the results.

The chin is designed based on individual needs and demands. After checking the routes of the nerve with X-rays, the surgical procedure is decided. The patient can freely compare the shapes of the chin and consult with the surgeon in detail.

V-line surgery vs. Rotational bone cutting
The ‘T-osteotomy’ does not increase the risks of side effects nor does it cause any complications in the procedure.
In fact, the procedure avoids nerve injuries and provides more safety. Fixation plates are not harmful to the body. They cannot be seen or felt. Moreover, they cannot be detected by the airport’s metal detector.

Dissolvable plates can be used or the plates can be removed after six months under local anesthesia.

Advantages of ‘T-osteotomy V-line surgery
  • Clear V-line effects
  • Minimize sagging of jaw lines
  • Chin reduction or setback is possible
  • Low risks of nerve damage
  • Fixation plates are needed
Advantages of ‘Rotation bone cutting’
  • Fixation plates are not needed.
The Origins of V-line surgery

V-line surgery addresses the problems experienced by the conventional mandible angle reduction surgery. The angled portions are excised while the wide chin is also narrowed, creating a slim V-line.

In the past, reducing the chin was very difficult due to the risk of damaging the nerves. However, with the development of V-line surgery using T-osteotomy, it was possible to eliminate this risk by avoiding the nerves.

V-line surgery was performed to cure cancer and other diseases, but Dr. Park Sang-Hoon was the first plastic surgeon in the world to incorporate this medical procedure into plastic surgery.
He published his work in the Journal of Korean Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons as well as in the Journal for American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the ‘Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery’ journal.
He has been on the very forefront of international attention for his astounding work in developing and successfully performing V-line surgery.




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