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Forehead Augmentation
Bony protrusion near the eyebrows
When the bone near the eyebrows protrudes, the face gives a very masculine image.
In this case, the nose can be made higher by surgery and the forehead is lifted to give a balanced
Tilted forehead
When the bone near the eyebrows protrudes, the face gives a very masculine image.
The tilt is corrected by making a round forehead!
In this case, more fat is transferred to the upper forehead than the lower region.
View photos of changed facial appearances with a forehead that looks more plump and attractive!
Flat forehead
Fat is transferred evenly onto the entire forehead to plump up the volume, especially in the center region.
Wide forehead
A difference in volume is created between the center and the surrounding region of the forehead, making it look narrower.
Hollow forehead
A hollow region and asymmetry is corrected by designing the exact region and amount of fat graft.
Narrow forehead
Volume is evenly created across the entire forehead to reduce the narrowness.

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