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Mini Cheekbone Reduction

Mini surgery, Quick Recovery

Quick and easy side cheekbone reduction surgery
Mini surgery, Quick Recovery

What is Mini Quick Cheekbone Surgery?

id’s Mini Quick Cheekbone Surgery partially cuts the side cheekbone by 90 degrees and pushes it inward for a natural tight fixation. It does not appear on X-ray or security check in airport.

Side cheekbone reduction shortens the facial width, showing an excellent front reduction effect. Surgery is done within 20 minutes, and you can get back to normal routine quick. Minimal removal prevents saggy cheeks.

L osteotomy of id’s Mini Quick Cheekbone Surgery

L osteotomy
Large area of reduction to about 65°~90°

Separating point between orbital bone and cheekbone is where partial cut starts, reducing the protruded side cheekbone more, and you can adjust the area of reduction.

C osteotomy
Less area of reduction than L osteotomy to about 80°~90°

id Mini Cheekbone reduction’s Partial Osteotomy

Partial Osteotomy

In front of the cheekbone, the body part is made of partial osteotomy, not full osteotomy.
There is no bone removal due to full osteotomy, and only a part of the anterior and medial sides of the cheekbone body are cut out, pushing the protruding side part.

No need to worry about saggy cheeks

Minimum incision and fine removal in the opposite direction of saggy cheeks
Minimum incision inside mouth
Fine removal of skin
Partial osteotomy of cheekbone body
Arch turned and held tightly

Sideburn External incision
id Minimal-Internal incision

Some clinics believe that internal incisions will cause saggy cheeks by cutting at a longer length. However, the length of a Minimal-Internal incision from the side of nose to the arch of the cheekbone is actually the same as that of an external incision. In this case, most patients choose the internal incision which leaves no visible scarring. Because of this, id generally recommends and uses this method.

Example of Common Misconception

Some clinics believe that the internal incision is longer than an external incision would be.

Real case

In reality, internal incisions are the same length as an external incision.

Point of Mini Quick Cheekbone Surgery

Point 1. Natural and tight holding without leaving marks

Arch cut out is turned and pushed inside closely to the inner muscle of cheekbone. Natural tight holding, a non-fixation method, will not appear on X-ray, and arch bone forms a periosteum and is agglutinated naturally.

Point 2. Diagonal osteotomy for a smooth agglutination of bone

It is id’s technology to use diagonal osteotomy instead of horizontal osteotomy for a smooth connection of arch bone without creating protruding angles.

Point 3. Three-dimensional turn of side cheekbone for protection

Pushing in the arch for reduction without having to remove any part of cheekbone

Removing part of cheekbone for reduction through a complete osteotomy of cheekbone body

Benefits of Mini Quick Cheekbone Surgery

Quick and easy

Surgery is operated within 15~20 minutes under sedation anesthesia for a safe and quick reduction.

Recovery in 2~3 days

Minimal incision and quick surgery reduce bruises and swelling, and you can get back to normal routine after the weekend.

No scars

Minimal removal and incision prevent saggy cheeks and scars. No pins for fixation are used, so no traces are left or even seen in X-ray.

Surgery Information

Surgery time

20 minutes


General Anesthesia


Not required

Removal of stitches

About 1 week after

Recovery time

2~3 days

※ Alert: Common side effects such as bleeding and infection may occur post surgery and varies according to each patient so careful attention is needed.

Before and After Photos