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Mandible Reduction

Mandible Reduction

Slim and Natural V-line
possible using V-Logic

   Maximum V-line + T Osteotomy    

What is MVT Mandible Reduction?

Primary diagnoses of individual’s cheekbone width, mandible width and lower jaw width through V-Logic ratio diagnoses. For secondary diagnoses; based on the same cheekbone width criteria, diagnosing the possible reduction range.

Will there be a surgery that will suit me?

Maximum Mandible reduction
with the most natural results!

Maximum reduction for
Slim V Line

V-Logic calculation for
Natural V Line

V-Logic’s skill is to create a natural looking results with maximum mandible reduction!

○ Using the cheekbone width to assess the level of possible facial width reduction
○ Maximum reduction, avoiding the nerve lines
○ Natural effect in proportion to facial length.

1. Removal of ABC+M for maximum mandible reduction surgery!

Square and wide jawbone

Thick cortical bone

Undefined and  flat chin

Strongly developed muscles

2. Reasons why MVT maximum mandible reduction is safe!

Without causing any damage to the nerves connected from the brain to the jaw and locating the exact nerve trail to ensure safe surgery.

Card image cap
① Pin-pointing patient’s exact inferior alveolar nerve through 3D-CT scan
Card image cap
② Simulation for accurate trail of inferior alveolar nerve through coronal view

3. V Line with maximum reduction is natural and beautiful with V-Logic!

Using the id V-Logic to measure the facial ratio to create the most suitable facial length and width!

韩国整形, MVT下颌角缩小术

Benefits of MVT Mandible Reduction Surgery

1. Refine the natural V-Line !

Based on the perfect facial ratio measured by id V-logic, id creates the most suitable facial length and width.

2. Complete the slim
V- Line !

Removal of ABC+M makes the frontal view of your face slimmer

3. Achieve the very best result!

Natural effect in proportion to facial length suits your face

Surgery Information

Surgery time

1 ½ hours


General Anesthesia


1 night

Removal of stitches

less than 2 weeks

Recovery time

1 week

※ Alert: Common side effects such as bleeding and infection may occur post surgery and varies according to each patient so careful attention is needed.

Before and After Photos