Orthognathic Surgery
Mouth Protrusion
Types of Mouth Protrusion
  1. This is a case in which only the mouth protrudes and the face is not long.
The facial line is normal and only the mouth protrudes. In this case, teeth extraction and ASO can yield great results
  2. This is a case in which both mouth protrusion and short chin are experienced.
The mouth looks more protruded because the chin is short.
The degree of protrusion varies for the upper and lower teeth, so teeth extraction would only make the mouth look more pursed. Thus, two-jaw surgery is recommended.
  3. This is a case in which both mouth protrusion and long face are experienced.
When mouth protrusion is accompanied by a long face, the gums show when smiling and the mouth does not shut completely in a natural state.
In some cases, mouth protrusion is not severe. If the long face is not corrected, the face will look longer. Thus, two-jaw surgery is recommended.
  4.This is a case in which protrusion of the mouth and the entire lower jaw is experienced.
The entire lower jaw below the nose is protruding, giving a masculine image. Two-jaw surgery that sets back the mouth and the lower jaw is recommended.
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Orthodontic treatment
  1. Orthodontic treatment
When the front teeth protrude, orthodontic treatment alone can seek great results. However, in most cases the gums protrude as well which means a surgical procedure must be carried out. Surgery plans are established based on the facial structure and the degree of protrusion. The surgical correction of mouth protrusion can significantly shorten the recovery period.

※ Orthodontic treatment is not suitable for the following conditions:
  • when both the patient’s teeth and gums protrude
  • when the gums are in a poor condition
  • when the patient wants fast improvements
  • when protrusion exceeds 4mm
  • when there is gummy smiles
2. ASO, anterior segmental osteotomy
Surgical correction on mouth protrusion is commonly known as ASO (Anterior Segmental Osteotomy). ASO surgery includes extraction of a tooth posterior to the canine, the gum bone in this space is excised, and then both the gum bone and anterior teeth are wholly moved backward.

전방분절골 절골술

3. Two-jaw surgery
Two-jaw surgery is recommended for the following conditions:
-if teeth extraction has already been carried out
-when general ASO has been carried out because protrusion was not severe, the mouth may look more pursed
-when the lower jaw protrudes with the upper jaw
-if the face is long and there is gummy smile


4. Three-jaw surgery
Three-jaw surgery is a surgery combined with ASO surgery and two-jaw surgery. It requires a high surgical skill and the surgeon's experience is very important. Three-jaw surgery is indicated when the protrusion is severe and the chin is severely retreated.


Orthodontics VS Surgery
Orthodontic treatment Orthodontic treatment Orthodontic treatment
Correction period Long
(more than one year)
(about six months)
(about six months)
Teeth extraction Necessary Necessary Unnecessary
Amounts of move of teeth Necessary Unnecessary Unnecessary
Time of effects Late
(after orthodontic treatments)
(shortly after surgery)
(shortly after surgery)
Length of face Uncontrollable Uncontrollable Controllable
Asymmetrical correction Uncontrollable Uncontrollable Controllable
Restoration period
after surgery
Unnecessary One week One month
Surgical procedures
Upon arrival, the patient gets a facial X-ray, CT, computer analysis, teeth modeling, mounting, and teeth examination.

Next, the chief surgeon discusses the test results with the patient. The surgeon informs the patient of the possibility of undergoing SFOA and choosing between lower jaw surgery and two-jaw surgery. Further surgery plans are also discussed.

ID Hospital is proud to offer 3D CT which promises accurate and reliable results.
ID Hospital is proud to offer 3D CT which promises accurate and reliable results.

All these preparatory stages can be completed through one-stop service. In case the test results do not have any problems about the patient’s conditions, we contact the patient by phone.

ID Hospital uses its own test facilities, allowing patients to complete all test procedures safely and accurately.

The surgery takes approximately 2 hours and the patient must stay at the hospital overnight.
Braces are placed 2-4 weeks after the surgery and patients with mouth protrusion will receive laminate care after 2-4 weeks.
The patient visits the hospital one week after the surgery and the surgeon checks the patient’s condition.
The patient visits the hospital again after two weeks to get the stitches removed.
Normal daily activities including going to work are possible after two weeks.

There are no problems eating and speaking immediately after the surgery, so the patient won’t experience serious discomfort in daily routine.

Orthodontic treatment begins one month after the surgery.

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