Orthognathic Surgery
Small Chin
Types of short chin
  1. The tip of the chin is small in size
If the small chin does not exceed 3mm, simply inserting a implantor fat is possible.
  2. If the small chin does exceed 3mm
When the patient chooses to insert a filler, the implant may sink so osteotomy method is recommended.
  3. The small chin is severe and the patient experiences microgenia to a degree that makes the jaw line not noticeable.
Genioplasty in this case will make the chin look very unnatural so the entire lower jaw needs to be pulled forward and the jaw line must look more defined through two-jaw surgery.
  4.Small chin and mouth protrusion are combined.
The lower jaw is pulled forward while the protruding mouth needs to be pushed back. The three-jaw surgery is recommended.
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Surgical procedures on small chin
The procedure is decided based on the condition of the patient’s face and jaw bone. There are two types of surgery to correct small chins.
1. Osteotomy
The chin bone is cut horizontally and the portion that is set back is pulled forward and fixed.

Because the bone is shifted, the shape of the chin looks natural and the neckline looks more defined. It also reduces tension in the tip of the chin. General anesthesia is done.
2. Implant insertion
Gore-tex, silicone, medpore or other types of fillers are inserted into the tip of the chin, thereby enhancing the size or adjusting the positioning of the chin. Local anesthesia is used when the small chin is not severe.
Surgical procedures
Upon arrival, the patient gets a facial X-ray, CT, computer analysis, teeth modeling, mounting, and teeth examination.

Next, the chief surgeon discusses the test results with the patient. The surgeon informs the patient of the possibility of undergoing SFOA and choosing between lower jaw surgery and two-jaw surgery. Further surgery plans are also discussed.

ID Hospital is proud to offer 3D CT which promises accurate and reliable results.
ID Hospital is proud to offer 3D CT which promises accurate and reliable results.

All these preparatory stages can be completed through one-stop service. In case the test results do not have any problems about the patient’s conditions, we contact the patient by phone.

ID Hospital uses its own test facilities, allowing patients to complete all test procedures safely and accurately.

The surgery takes approximately 2 hours and the patient must stay at the hospital overnight.
The patient visits the hospital one week after the surgery and the surgeon checks the patient’s condition.
The patient can enjoy a warm cup of tea at ID Café and listen to music.
The patient comes back two weeks after and gets the stitches removed.
The patient can do normal daily activities 3-5 days after. Eating and speaking are possible immediately after the surgery, so the patient does not experience serious discomfort.
Self-Diagnosis on Small Chin

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