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Surgery Diary
Park Ji-young’s surgery diary

Who am I?
Name : Park Ji-young
Age : 23 years old
Surgery date : September 23, 2008
Concern : I want to escape from this tedious angle
Square shaped princess, Park Gyeong-rim, square-square, ah, her face is square shaped... these are all my nicknames that derive from the shape of my jaw, which is square shaped. My face started turning square slowly from a young age.
By the time I hit puberty, my face had turned square to the point that it was conspicuous to anyone. Looking back, I may have been responsible for this. From a long time ago, I would to chew tough meat or dried squid. During school years, I almost never tied my hair. I used to carry around long hair, left as is even when I would get heat rash during hot days. Moreover, my face looks even more flat and wide since my nose is small and low. I did not pay too much attention to my condition since I am optimistic and positive minded, but my stress aggravated as I kept hearing these nicknames that stem from my face type, and low nose and as I keep hearing about my face. Now, my face is my complex. I want to escape from the tedious angle after getting surgery fast so that I can overcome my complex and tie my hair in a confident manner.
Surgery plan
Sanghoon Park, M.D., Ph.D
Lee Gwang-yeol had rather minor mandibular prognathism since the lower jaw was projected outward only by 7mm compared to the upper jaw. We decided to go for the ‘Mandibular surgery’ that entails pushing back the lower jaw towards the back and reducing the length since there was no composite problem besides the fact that the lower jaw is long and projected outward. The lower jaw, projected outward was subjected to bone fracture, pushing it back 7mm so that the otherwise unnatural jaw line turned natural and the impression turned soft.
Otorhinolaryngology, Insang Kim, M.D.
In case of Park Ji-young, her nose was small and the nose was particularly low at the middle of the forehead. Nose ridge was increased in height by placing in a prosthesis while the nose tip was erected so that there won’t be a change to the height even after a long time by using own nasal cartilage.
Changes post-surgery
These days, I am trying hair styles that I did not dare to try in the past. Sometimes, I feel like something is missing since I can no longer touch the square shaped jaw. ^^ Every time I go to bed, I used to wish that ‘my jaw would be slim when I wake up in the morning' which was really did not make sense. Every time I used to look into a mirror, I used to get depressed in the end after making beautiful expressions due to my jaw.
My now slim jaw and high nose could not be any better. They are very impressive.. The angle on my face disappeared, and the high nose turned my face into an multi-dimensional face. Moreover, my face became small, which makes my neck look long! I am in love with the side line that turned out very successfully. Going forth, I can tie my hair confidently and wear beautiful hair bands ~ Yes!~ I feel really good these days since I keep hearing that I became beautiful. I don’t remember how difficult it was for me on the day of the surgery. Anyway, I am very happy every time I look into a mirror.

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