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Real Self Camera Review
Real Self Camera Review
Minji Jang’s Real Self-Camera Review
Min-ji Jang Symptoms : Lantern jaw, malocclusion
Surgeries performed : No-tie two-jaw surgery, V-line, ptosis correction, lateral canthoplasty, lateral hotz, fat graft on the forehead
7 months after the surgery

I feel awkward with a full make-up.

It’s already 2014!
I had been at the library all last year due to TOEFL test.
I hope I can get desired grade and get hired!

There are so many guys out there trying to flirt me these days. After I become pretty, people treat me differently, especially guys.

I do understand the expression that beauty is one of women’s confidence.

I wish all of you luck in 2014.
4 months after the surgery

I went Itaewon with my friends!

I drank alcohol, bought clothes
I had really good time after long time for studying
It’s really cold these days, so I wear a woollen hat.
Swelling is almost gone, so facial line is much slimmer and eyes and nose look more natural!
Those friends who I met after the surgery even didn’t recognize that I got surgeries.

I eat well too much these days and gain weight, but I become pretty as swelling go away.
I’m going to be on diet after the tests.

A sense of touching returns faster than I expected. I hope I can be free from the brace~!!

3 months after the surgery

It’s almost the end of summer.

Three months after the jaw-surgery, two months after the eyes and nose jobs.

I have been studying all days these days because it’s a final week. It’s been a long time since the last self-photos.

My eyes look more natural and nose is more defined.
I love my face from angles. So feminine, isn’t it?
After the two-jaw surgery, my facial contour became more defined and smaller.
Especially, I get jealousy whenever I take photos with my friends.

These photos were taken after a group study~
I went to the school after a while, and my friends didn’t recognize me!
I’m enjoying people not recognizing me. Some friends are surprised by my look whenever they see me, and that feels great!

I want tests to be over soon with good grades and to go to the sea!

Let’s eat samgyetang* and cheer up!
* A health food that Korean enjoys eating during summer.
2 months after the surgery

Hello! It’s already been two months after the two-jaw surgery and three weeks after the eyes and nose surgeries.
My look has been changed a lot, and I even barely remember my previous look.
You know what? I’m enjoying looking at the mirror these days. lol
I’m taking self-photos at the café with my friends. It‘s really hot these days.

Can you see the vivid line of my nose? It isn’t flat any more. All my friends keep staring my nose.

Well, how am I going to be changed three months later?
6 weeks after the surgery

I got my eyes and nose done.
I think the surgery went really well. After two-jaw surgery, my eyes and nose looked smaller, and now their sizes seem to fit with the overall face.

It’s only been a week, so there is still swelling and splint isn’t removed yet.
Dr. Yuisang Jin did my eyes, and Dr. Junesung Kim did my nose. I am fully satisfied with both results. My eyes became bigger, and my nose became sharper.

I heard that many of those who got two-jaw surgeries consider eye or nose plastic surgery like me. It is because people’s eyes that used to be fixed on the chin now move toward the eyes and the nose. Or, eyes or nose don’t go well with the new face.

It seemed like doctors knew what to do and how to do because they have many experiences for eye or nose surgery after two-jaw surgery.
4 weeks after the surgery

It’s already been a month after the surgery
It seems like swelling is almost gone. I wear make-ups and have normal lives.

When I ate, I felt uncomfortable because of protrusion of my lower teeth. Now, it became much more comfortable because of accurate occlusion after the surgery.

Now I can eat almost all food, except for really hard one.

A concern popped up these days. After the surgery, my eyes and nose started to appear in sight. They look small and unclear. I didn’t feel them like the way before the surgery. It is because maybe strong eyes onto my chin is now distributed over my eyes and nose.

Anyway, I’m thinking about eye and nose surgery a lot these days. Well, I might show you my new face after I get eyes and nose surgeries next time.
3 weeks after the surgery

Swelling is gradually gone. It feels like my face gets smaller day by day. These days, I go out, meet people, have a meal together, or study.

I used to give a strong impression because of my long, protruding chin, but that image has been upside down after the surgery. It looks like I have much rounder image, I guess? Maybe, it’s due to swelling…

Eating well and walking around will help me get recovered soon, right?
2 weeks after the surgery

Two weeks has been past –
Swelling is not reduced as fast as I expected.
Especially my upper lips swelled a lot, so it looks protruded.

I haven’t gone out yet. I’m doing by best to get recovered at home.
I have been eating soup or puree. I will try various kinds of food from now on because I was told I can chew tender food.
3 days after the surgery

I finally get discharged three days after the surgery
Right after the surgery, I spent hard time because of the swelling around my nose and throat, and of not being able to talk. Now, I feel a little more comfortable because I can talk a little.

It’s a photo right before I go home after changing clothes and wearing compression bandage.

I can’t believe my lantern jaw that bothered me a lot is completely gone.
It’s still swollen a lot, but I can tell the length of my chin is shortened.

I’ll keep you posted.
Before the surgery

This was how I looked before surgery.
I had no complaint about my look.

One day, however, I realized that I got unequally treated.
I though one’s capacity and inner mind are much more important (than outer appearance), but I started to change my mind.

I thought if the society cannot be changed, I need to be changed, and decided to get two-jaw surgery.
I became anxious and concerned before two-jaw surgery because I had never thought about any kinds of surgeries before, but I felt relieved by knowing the fact that most of two-jaw surgeries have been performed by ID hospital.

I just hope for the surgery to be done well.

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