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Real Self Camera Review
Real Self Camera Review
Pam Real Self-Camera Review
Pam Symptoms : Wide cheekbone, Square jaw, short chin, excessive cheek fat
Surgeries performed : Cheekbone reduction surgery, V Line square jaw surgery, V3 lifting
Before surgery

Even though my height is 155cm and weight is around 44 to 45kg, my face looks quite big and round since I have excessive fat tissues on my cheek.

 After I decided to travel to Korea from Thailand, I started researching about the best plastic surgery hospitals. Finding the hospital with the best translating service was very important to me.

  Most importantly, they must have professional, trustworthy medical staff!
I had many procedures done during the past 10 years and realized medical staffs are very important when choosing the right hospital.

  Based on these criteria, I’ve finally decided to choose ID hospital.
Getting to ID hospital

ID hospital provides complimentary airport pick-up service!
I was amazed by the size of the beautiful building when I firstly arrived at the hospital. First, upon arriving, I filled out the consultation form, but don’t worry! A translator will kindly assist you standing right next to you.

Then I went to the third floor for the CT scan and the blood test performed next.
I asked them if they have enough blood in case of an emergency and the staff said ID hospital is always prepared with all types of blood for any unexpected situation.
Next, I took some before surgery shots. Four photos were taken from all different angles.
Consultation day

My consultant checked my facial structure first and explained the process and method of the surgery in detail.
She also thoroughly explained to me how my face would change after zygoma reduction, V-line square jaw surgery and V3 lifting.
Then Dr. Ji Hyuck Lee came in to check my face and explained the surgical plan and also explained how much they can reduce my face again.
He kindly explained to me all those things and it made me very relieved. I was really amazed by how much could be reduced.

  They said they would reduce the bone as much as they could in the safest way possible without touching any nerves. I could see the nerve lines through the CT scan. ‘V line’ is a surgery that includes mandible angle reduction and chin genioplasty. My short chin also can be improved by this surgery.
My doctor recommended me zygoma reduction as well because of asymmetry.
I was hesitant for a while but then decided to have that surgery as well since the asymmetry looked quite severe through the photos.

And then another doctor came into the room for the V3 lifting consultation.

  The doctor explained the V3 lifting procedure.
After the consultation

  1. 4mm will be reduced on one side of my cheekbone and 6mm from the other side.
2. 14mm and 11mm can be reduced by V line surgery. Wow!
3. V3 lifting will be performed after facial contouring surgeries.

  I can go back to Thailand 2 weeks following the surgery date, after I have the stitches removed. They also provide a surgery certificate for the airport immigration, upon request. V line surgery and V3 lifting creates maximum result! They said there might be some asymmetry at first due to swelling.

ID hospital provides car services between my hotel and hospital. Yay!

The day of surgery

I went to the hospital directly without doing my makeup.
The driver from ID hospital picked me up from my hotel and even though I was nervous at first, I knew there was absolutely nothing to worry about since a Thai speaker would assist me with everything on this big day!

  The doctor came in to check my face again and finally began to create the surgery design.

Dr. Ji Hyuck Lee : Red pen
Dr. Young Tae Seo: Black pen

I only had to stay in Korea for 7 days if I did V3 lifting alone. However I had three types of surgeries simultaneously, so I had to stay 2 weeks after surgery. Hospital staffs explained to me what kind of symptoms I will have after the procedures, how much pain it will be and what kind of condition I will be in, very specifically. In Thailand, they didn’t really inform me about all these little things and I was amazed by how good the service was of ID Hospital.

  Then I went downstairs to go to the operation room. I quickly had an air-shower, then entered the surgery room, at last.
This room is for the ‘Air shower’, I think I’ve seen this before in Bangkok.
Don’t be too surprised by strong wind. Haha

  They checked my body condition again and put me under anesthesia.
After surgery

Dr. Ji Hyuck Lee and Dr. Young Tae Seo visited my room to advise the surgery was successfully done.
I was shivering every now and then, but all the nurses in the hospital ward took very good care of me.

  I was not supposed to drink any water for the next six hours and I was instructed that I wasn’t allowed to lie down completely to avoid any unnecessary swelling.

  My family had to return to their hotel after 10pm since no visitors are allowed late at night for the safety reasons. I was trying hard not to fall asleep.

The doctor visited me again the next morning for a follow-up check-up.
If I pay for the medication, a hospital staff purchases them on behalf of me and kindly explains when and how I should take them and where I should put the creams on my face, etc.

  After surgery, I had to visit the hospital 2 or 3 times to have post treatments and swelling-care. Important note; these are all complimentary!
They said normally it takes 3 to 6 months until most of the swelling goes away.
8 days, 14 days after surgery

It’s been only 2 weeks! I can’t believe I look so different already. WOW

  The swelling disappeared very quickly since I had the stitches removed on Week 2.
I think it’s because I routinely undergo facial care services for swelling at the FaceDiet center. It’s like all the memories of discomfort and pain finally paid off once I saw my new face!

When I went to the hospital for the last treatment before I return to Thailand, a nurse finally removed the stitches inside my mouth and kindly explained about the cautions in detail. I went to see my consultant after the treatment and took the last photo. I once again was amazed by their well-built patient care system and great service. I LOVED all accommodating staffs such including the surgeons, consultants, translators and even drivers! I would love to visit here again.
1~2 months after surgery

3 months after surgery

Do you agree that plastic surgery can change your life?
I would like tell people who are considering plastic surgery now that the surgery is not a bad thing because it resolves your complex and concerns and helps you gain more confidence. Just remember, the most important thing is choosing the right hospital that you can really trust.
Plastic surgery not only made my face look beautiful but also opened better opportunities in life for me.

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