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Real Self Camera Review
Real Self Camera Review
Ha-Ree Han’s Real Self Camera Review
Ha-Ree Han’s Symptoms : Bimaxillary prognathism, facial asymmetry, malocclusion
Surgeries performed : Orthognathic surgery, V-line mandible jaw reduction surgery
Before surgery

I finally decided to have double jaw surgery that I’ve dreamt of all the time.
I spent hard time on convincing my parents, and they finally agreed with me~

In addition to my protruding mouth, I have thick lips too, so I always feel like my mouth is too obvious and I am very unhappy with it, so as my seemingly long face.

I can be prettier with the surgery and become more confident~

Excited~ I hope the surgery goes well!!!
A day after surgery

These photos were taken the next day of surgery!

I almost cried right before the surgery when I thought of my parents and other things…
The first thing that came up in my mind after the surgery, however, was that I made the RIGHT decision :D

I was heard that people who underwent double jaw surgery were swollen a lot, but I thought I didn’t swell that much. I looked younger because of swelling.

I need to be careful for everything~ I’m trying to keep sitting. I am being extra careful while eating~~

I hope to recover soon~
1 week after surgery

I came back home~ It’s so comfortable being at home~
Bruises make me look so weird T^T
I was heard that swelling will become the worst from the third day after the surgery, but my face was not that swollen. I guess it’s because I did cold massage very hard or I am not easy to swell~

I can speak, but it is still difficult to eat…
So, I’m taking soft diet and thin beverage.

I don’t think my face has been shortened, but I’m so happy that my mouth has been moved backward~
My profile.. It’s so moving!! Still have some swelling, though~

Then, I will be back and post prettier photos of mine later! >_<
2 weeks after surgery

Finally, I went out home~!!! Yay~~
People couldn’t recognize me that I had plastic surgery or not, and bruises are almost gone~

I’m doing warm massage very hard to reduce swelling and receiving swelling care well at the FaceDiet~~

When I took a photo before, I was being self-conscious on my chin. When I took a photo after the surgery, however, I saw my eyes or nose first.

Even though I had double jaw surgery, people ask me “Did you have plastic surgeries on your eyes and nose?” I only had corrective jaw surgery, but my eyes and nose look more beautiful!
3 weeks after surgery

I’ve been recovered a lot so far!
I have no difficulties performing daily routines. I started to study again!

Above all! My jaw line!! Even though I took a photo by looking at the camera downward, I look so pretty, especially my jaw line!!
The reaction from people around me is amazing~~

Eating has been much easier, so I’m able to eat almost all kinds of soft food~~

I will be back with a prettier look!
A month after surgery

A month has already past since the surgery!
I didn’t swell that much and am able to perform daily routines quickly. Even though I didn’t spend hard time that much, it becomes much more comfortable after a month.

My photo album in my phone is full of my photos. I’m having tons of fun taking a photo of myself. My parents were negative at first, but they are also happy for me being satisfied with the result~

Meeting people is so delightful. Whenever I looked into the mirror, I was so dissatisfied with myself. These days, however, I love to looking myself in the mirror these days.
5 weeks after surgery

I’m helping my mother’s work and exercising well these days~
The result of surgery has been settled down well. My overall face looks smaller and the shape of my lips become so natural.

I do love how I look now, but after I’ve recovered from the double jaw surgery, I have become greedier. I mean I want to be even prettier. I booked another surgery for my eyes and nose which are so round that I don’t like. I am counting down the days for the surgeries.

I’m going to be much more beautiful and be back~!!
6 weeks after surgery

I came to ID Hospital to have plastic surgery for eyes and nose~

I was so nervous when I first came to the hospital to have double jaw surgery, but I was not scared anymore when I came for eyes and nose surgeries.
Rather than that, I was excited because I was going to be prettier.

I appreciated the thorough explanation about how the surgeries will be performed and how natural and pretty they will look.

I’m going to write down reviews of my eyes and nose~!
7 weeks after surgery

Wait for a long time?
Finally, I uncover the review of my eyes and nose surgeries~

I feel like it’s been a while since the last review.

Eyes and nose surgeries did not affect daily lives AT ALL.

I even took a photo of myself when I went back home after the surgeries, and it wasn’t hard at all!

I had my surgeries done from Dr. Il Hwan Kim~

Because of swelling and the splint on the nose on the day of surgery, it was uncomfortable a little bit, but it became much more natural a week after the surgeries as swelling was subsided!

2 months after surgery

It’s already been two months after the surgeries >_<

I wanted to hang out with my boyfriend, but I couldn’t because of swelling. So, I’m doing exercises hardly and helping out chores of my mother’s shop!

When I had a follow up appointment with the doctor who performed double jaw surgery, the doctor told me that swelling would go away and the thickness of skin would be returned as time went by.

I compared my recent photos to previous ones, and I realized that my facial contour became very beautiful.

I still have swelling on my eyes and nose.
So, my eyes and nose look unnaturally big, compared to the size of face, in the photos.

Doctors told me that time would solve everything.

My eyes look refreshing and my nose has been augmented, and I love that so much!!

3 months after surgery

It’s already been 3 months~!! Time does fly, doesn’t it?

Doesn’t it look like almost all swelling has reduced, right?

I had stressed out a lot when I took photos because my facial contour was so strange before.
I hid my jaw area and was self-conscious on the area all the time.
But now I don’t need to take a certain pose to look good in the photos, so I am so happy!

I still have some swelling on my eyes and nose.

I think my eyes and nose will become much more natural and prettier because they even look so beautiful now, regardless of swelling. My overall facial contour became slimmer, eyes bigger, and nose augmented. People around me told me a lot that “You are lively,” or “You look so bright.”

This is why people tend to have plastic surgeries and can get a job!

I need to prepare myself for job hunting, and I think I will be able to have good interviews with the confidence of my appearance!

4 months after surgery

I felt very shy at first because I’ve never done this before.
It was very difficult to take a pose or stand in balance with my legs twisted.

I had a lot of fun at the studio. A make-up artist provided me with professional make-up, and I tried on so many clothes. It was very interesting. My posture and facial expressions became natural and I felt much more comfortable as the shooting was proceeded. I even felt sad when the shooting was over.

I saw the photos that I took and thought it was the best choice to decide to have surgeries. I hesitated a lot until I made a choice and spent hard time on recovering, but the endurance was nothing and even worth it.

The shooting was very valuable experience that not everyone can have. This experience is going to be precious memory.

7 months after surgery

Had good Christmas?

I made a bang during the holiday.
I’m still a bit awkward, but all my friends say I’m pretty.

One thing that has changed after double jaw surgery is that no matter what kinds of hair style I have, it looks good on me!
Before the surgery, there were some hair styles that matched with me, while others not. Nowadays, on the other hand, all hair styles go well with me.

So, today I was reminded of the importance of facial contour!!

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