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Real Self Camera Review
Real Self Camera Review
Li Na Ahn's Real Self-Camera Review
Li Na Ahn Symptoms : small eyes, flat nose, small breasts
Surgeries performed : bambi eye surgery, barbie line nose surgery, full HD tear drop breast augmentation
Before surgery

I am a tattooist Lina Ahn.

People always said that I look like a boy since I have such small breasts.

I wanted to get breast augmentation even more since I’ve heard that so many times
that my small breast is already my insecurity.

It was hard to choose where to get my surgery as this will be my first plastic surgery.

I’ve researched so much and finally chose ID Hospital because it is very famous,
well-equipped and people said the doctors at ID Hospital are very skilled.

After the consultation, I was like ‘I have to get these done at ID Hospital!’
as they were so kind and reliable.

2 weeks after surgery

I’ve got Full HD endoscope tear drop breast augmentation because
I didn’t want my scar to be shown as I’m still young.

I’ve heard that my scar will be covered by armpit wrinkles if I get armpit incision.

Also there will be less pain and bleeding as I’m getting surgery with
Full HD endoscope, and the recovery is quick.

I also got Bambi Eye Surgery and Barbie Line Nose Surgery.

I had a small nose compared to my face, so I got nose surgery with silicon on
my nose bridge and ear cartilage on my nose tip.

It’s only been 2 weeks after surgery, but you can’t see any swelling, right?

I was very comfortable with using my arm as well.

2 months after surgery

These are photos of me from 2 months after surgery.

My impression has changed a lot, right?
I’m trying to grow my hair out.

My friends are saying I still look pretty with short hair as my face is pretty,
but I wanted to have feminine long hair.

I think I became really feminine.

I used to wear sports bra all the time, but I wanted to buy pretty bras.

In fact I had to because my size has changed.

For the clothes, I started to buy tight clothes when I used to buy
baggy clothes before surgery.

I think I’ve changed a lot recently.

3 months after surgery

I’ve just got hair extension (long reggae hair) as I couldn’t wait.

I used to put smoky eye makeup on when my eyes were small,
and I don’t put too much eye makeup recently because my eyes are big
and beautiful without thick eye makeup.

I’ve been to hospital yesterday and my doctor and consultant were so surprised.

They were like ‘who are you!’ because I didn’t look like Lina that they used to know.

They said I became so much prettier.

Even I was surprised as well when they showed me my before surgery
photo for progression checkup.

I’ve realized that a person can have total transformation just
by eye surgery and rhinoplasty again.

6 months after surgery

I would recommend people to get breast augmentation right now without
concerning if they are concerned about breast augmentation because
I always think that I should’ve got this earlier without concerning it!

I was worried that people will recognize that I’ve got plastic surgery,
but people don’t at all!

Even my friends can’t tell that I’ve got surgery until I tell them.

They are surprised when I show them my armpit because there is no scar at all.

Even when they feel my breast, they get surprised again because there is
no difference between mine and theirs.

Of course mine is prettier and bigger though.

It’s natural that the texture of breasts after surgery isn’t good and it’s swollen.
But it becomes so much natural as time passes so get breast augmentation
if you are concerned!

9 months after surgery

These are the most recent photos.

I’ve been to beach this summer, and it was the first time for me to wear
bikini instead of baggy clothes at beach.

How is it? I really liked it.

I got so much more confidence as my breasts became bigger.

I tell people that I’ve got plastic surgery since I’m not a type of person
who hides that I’ve done plastic surgery and people are mostly wondering
about the swelling, recovery and ask me if it is scary or not.

I didn’t really have bruises or swellings, and it wasn’t hard for me at all.

From before surgery to after surgery care, I could feel that they are caring me properly.

I always tell my friends to get surgery at ID Hospital if they are considering it.

I will get my surgeries done at ID Hospital even when I can go back to then.

Li Na’s recent selfies

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