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Real Self Camera Review
Real Self Camera Review
Chenelle Wen's Real Self-Camera Review
Chenelle Wen Symptoms : Short and asymmetric nose, small chin
Surgeries performed : Nose surgery, forehead fat graft and V-line surgery with filler removal

Reason for surgery
I didn’t like my short-shaped nose.
And because it was asymmetric, I wished it to be corrected and formed naturally and pretty.
I had filler in my front chin, as it was small but I wanted to remove it and have slim-V-lined face by improving the short chin with a natural looking.
I’m a beauty blogger and I used to photoshop myself in the picture to hide my facial problems.
And I finally decided to undergo the surgeries because I just wanted to have a face that doesn’t require photoshop anymore!

Advantages after surgery
I had filler to improve my short chin but I’m happy that I removed it and moved my actual bone forward to fix the problem.
Overall, I got to have a slim-V-lined face.
Before surgery, because I didn’t like the short and asymmetric shape of my nose, I needed to give a bit of touch to the photos.
But now I’m glad with my pretty and natural looking nose, as it doesn’t require photoshop anymore.
Selfies before & after surgery

After surgery

One month after surgery, into second week of the following month

Testimonial: It has been over a month since the surgery and although I still have a bit of puffiness on my face, I'm seeing the difference day by day as the swellings subdue.
I've enjoyed the process of the surgery and was pleased with the services at ID.
I was a little surprised about how plastic surgery is almost painless and that it's a safe process for those who are thinking of improving their features.

Before surgery

Consultation about small chin, V-line, filler removal on front chin, accusculpt and forehead fat grafting

Consultation, diagnosis and operation surgeon: Dr. Jae Hyun Kwon
Facial Bone Contouring Surgery Center

Comment before surgery

Hello, I’m Chenelle from Malaysia.
I’m working as a fashion and beauty blogger and have lots of interest in beauty industry.

I’ve worried about my short-shaped nose and small chin.
So when I take a photo, I looked for the best angle that can make me look better and I also did photoshop to it.

I look forward to see myself with more confidence, not requiring photoshop, by improving my concerns at ID Hospital.

Doctor in Charge

For a more accurate diagnosis and consultation, I consulted with the doctor.

First, I met Dr. Jae Hyun Kwon (facial bone contouring surgery center of ID hospital).

Dr. Kwon has a lot of surgery experiences in facial contouring. With him, I had a consultation about facial bone surgeries.

So I told the doctor why I wanted to have the surgeries and what kind of face I expect it to be after surgery.

The doctor was a good listener and also spoke English.

He checked my CT and symptoms whilst trying to understand how I would feel and think.

From his calm and kind attitudes, I could tell he is a very professional and trustful person.

Dr.Kwon, “I think it will be better if we make a natural looking and slim face line with V-line surgery,

remove the fats by accusculpting, remove the filler in the front-chin,

move the small chin forward and also do fat grafting on your forehead for a prettier look.

I will make a natural and refined small face for you just as you wished“.

After having the consultation about facial contouring,
soon I had Consultation for Rhinoplasty.

I was able to tell his professionalism by seeing him checking my nose problems with its shape,

as well as its functional parts. And it made me entrust him more.

Actually I had a design that I desired for my nose after the surgery, but because my nose is short and very asymmetric,

I wasn’t sure if I will be able to have that nose. But the doctor gave me positive answers.

Dr., “It is a very difficult surgery. We need to lengthen the short nose,

give a bit of touch on the tip and also fix its functional problems.
But I think I will be able to improve these concerns.

If I can’t do it, no other doctors can do it”.

D - day

D - day!
It was such a nervous day.
I was worried if it’s going to be seriously painful.
But the two doctors helped me easing my mind and made my feelings better.
I was planned to have general anesthesia, so I fasted for 8 hours before the surgery. Not even water!

As the last step before surgery, I met the doctors again for another consultation and surgical design.
Then I fell asleep in the operation room.
I was at the ward when I was awaken^^
The ward at ID hospital is operated for 24 hours and all of the nurses speak good English.
So there was no inconvenience to communicate.
I was very impressed at their service and clean environment.
With my friend Carmen, I stayed a night at ID hospital ^^

Doctor says…

Chenelle had filler in her front chin for few years to improve her small chin.

But she told me she needed to photoshop her face always, as she wasn’t satisfied with the shape of her chin.

In doing the surgery, we made sure to make a slim-lined face, so that she doesn’t need to photoshop her face anymore.

Also to create contoured facial appearance with refined features, we did fat grafting on her forehead.

Finally, to make the face even more slimmer and natural, we removed the fat in her cheeks by accusculpting.

Surgical plan: V-line surgery with filler removal, forehead fat graft and accusculpting

Dr. Jae Hyun Kwon
Facial contouring center of ID Hospital

Photos before & after surgery

V-line surgery for square jaw
Filler removal + front chin advancement
Forehead fat graft
Accusculpt (cheek-fat removal)

2 days later

After two days from the surgery, I had an appointment with the doctor for check up.

He told me all of my surgeries went well.
My face was very swollen but I didn’t feel any pain!

After disinfection of the wounds, I had intensive swelling care provided by the hospital, using laser and infrared light for the swellings.

I heard that this service only exists in ID Hospital!

1 week later

Review after week 1

My face was still swollen and also had bruises.
But I could tell my surgery had gone successfully!
I was so happy and impressed to see my nose lengthened and corrected from its asymmetry, with slimmed V-line face-line.

I went to have some porridge around ID Hospital after treatment.

After 2 weeks

Review after 2 weeks

The photos here are when it had been two weeks after the surgery.
All the stitches in my mouth were removed and I also had the final check up with the doctor.

I was able to see how well my surgery went, by comparing the before and after surgery x-rays.
Everything looked great and the result was successful!

Although I still had major swellings, was very satisfied with the V-line and nose and felt happy with them.

I also went to the sakura festival in Jin-hae with a mask on.
Korea with sakura looked so wonderful^^.

After month

So the photos here were taken during the 3rd and 4th weeks after surgery.
I had a great time travelling and walking around after the surgery.
I visited Korean old palace in Han-bok and also had lots of Korean traditional food.
When I got back in Malaysia, I was able to go back into my usual daily routine.
And it feels amazing to have pretty nose and chin as I no longer need to photoshop my face^^
And I was glad that I could see my friends only in three weeks after the surgery.
I’m very satisfied with my nose, forehead and v-line, just every time I look at myself in the mirror.
Thank you Dr. Kwon

After 1.5 months

It has been over a month since the surgery and I love the way I look now, though it's still swollen a little.
I've enjoyed the process of the surgery and was pleased with the services at ID.
Plus, I was quite surprised about how plastic surgery is almost painless and that it's a safe process for those who are thinking to improve their features.

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