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Real Self Camera Review
Real Self Camera Review
Ji-won Choi’s Real Self Camera Review
Ji-won Choi Symptoms : Mandibular prognathism, long face
Surgeries performed : No-tie two-jaw surgery, fat grafting on the forehead, rhinoplasty
6 months after surgery

Hello ㅡ^^
6 months have passed and it’s December now..
This year is cold and it snows a lot,
and I have become free from braces..
The sensation in my jaw is almost back, so there is nothing that makes me feel bothered or uncomfortable anymore. ^^

Above all, I have almost overcome my habit of hiding my mouth with my hands.. I guess it’s because I’ve been getting a lot of compliments these days..
Feeling the compliments are too much for me^^ but don’t feel bad..
Hope everyone stays warm~
3 months after surgery

It’s obvious that my image became smooth after the surgery~
and my face became small~~^^
There is a huge difference between with and without make-up.. I think I am completed with make-u.
I was not confident of my profile before surgery, so I hided my face with my hair and by tilting my head forward.
Still I sometimes hide my face with my hair and realize, “Ah! I got the surgery!”, and sweep my hair up..
I love the fact that I became prettier, but more than that, I’m glad that I have become confident after my complex was corrected.
1 month after surgery

I visited the dentist. The doctor had said that I needed to do exercise by opening my mouth with three fingers,
but my mouth was originally small..
So, a thought popped up in my mind, “Was I able to put three fingers vertically in my mouth before the surgery???”,
and I asked the doctor, “Is putting three fingers in the mouth normally possible??”
Right after I asked, the doctor and the nurses were putting their three fingers in their mouths,
and I could not help bursting out laughing at the situation.

I am eating regular steamed rice these days.
I minced chicken in the chicken soup and ate the soup. It was so delicious, so I finished three bowls…
I can eat almost everything if it’s not that too hard, and I’m so happy these days^^
2 weeks after surgery

It’s too hot these days, so I gargle hardly rigorously I’m worrying about inflammation in my mouth.
I also brush my teeth well by taking the wafer off ^^

When it’s too hot and my face becomes heated, I apply ice pack,
and then I apply warm pack after the sun goes down, and I think it’s really effective to reduce swelling~

I drink a pumpkin juice pack whenever it pops up in my mind, but I don’t know whether it’s effective or not…
Well, I’m also eating things like pudding, cheese cake, yogurt, etc. for my dessert. They are all dairy products but so delicious..
1 week after surgery

I get used to my daily life day by day. My friends come over and I hang out with them..
I walked around a lot more than I expected~
If I wear a mask, I don’t look like a patient..^^

Staying home is boring and suffocating and I don’t like being at home anyway, so I’m busy hanging out at the café..

It’s really hard to see my swelling with mask on, isn’t it?!
I met friends on my way to the hair salon with the mask..
I told them I pulled my wisdom teeth out, and they believed it..
The day of surgery

Above all, because of the anesthesia, I wasn’t myself. I felt like I was someone else.
I remember going into the operating room, but after that… hmmm…
I kept falling a sleep and waking up for the whole day today.

Everyone told me that I’m not that swollen~
But other than that, I’m super happy because of the fact that my chin is pushed back!!!!
Oh! One more thing. I look less swollen in the photos than in real life ^^;
Before surgery

No family member of mine has mandibular prognathism..
I hurt my chin when I was young, and since then, my chin has grown and become protruded..
Those who have protruding chins will understand and get stressed out by the same problems.

I hate my profile view, hate taking photos.. I also have facial asymmetry..
so whenever I take a photo, it looks so weird..
I always do Photoshop on my photos.. If I close my mouth, my protruding chin is more obvious..

so I don’t close my mouth all the time.. It makes me feel like my chin is less protruded, but instead, my face look long…. T^T

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