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Arielle’s Facial Feminization surgeries at ID Hospital

ID Hospital Interview- Arielle



Facial Feminization Surgeries (FFS) are all the rage now, and ID Hospital is the Top Hospital in Korea providing FFS Surgeries. With the increase of patients undergoing facial feminization surgeries at ID Hospital, we met with our ID Model, Arielle from Belgium to get to know her better and find out more about her surgery experiences.

Arielle is 21 years old. She was born and raised in Belgium. She is a transgendered woman and started her transition six months before coming to have her surgeries at ID Hospital.


Arielle 1 month post-surgery


ID Hospital: What is your birth name (first name only)? Have you legally changed your name?

Arielle: My name was Anthony. I have officially changed my name to Arielle now.


ID Hospital: : Can you define what it means to be a transgender?

Arielle: I think every transgender person can define being transgender in their own way. For me it means that I am a woman and I fully see myself as a woman. It is just the way you feel inside and since I was born, I never felt like a “man”.



ID Hospital: When did you first come to realize that you are a female?

Arielle: Since I was very little, I always felt like a girl. I always wanted to play with the girls’ toys and wear dresses and I was very feminine. I always knew something was wrong. As I became older and realized it, it really bothered me when people referred to me as “him” or “he”, it really hurt my feelings. I also wanted to wear female clothes. I felt so happy when I finally started wearing what I really like and just started being myself. So the next step was to get Facial Feminization Surgeries to look more feminine.



ID Hospital: What hormones do you take? How long have you been on hormones? How did your body change with HRT?

Arielle: I take hormones called Progynova 2mg twice daily for the last six months.
I also take pills called Androcur 50mg once daily and it lowers the testosterone in the body.
Since I have started the hormones treatment, I have experienced breast growth; I have an A-cup now. I noticed less body hair growing back after laser hair removal treatments, and I feel more emotional and cry faster since I have started the hormones treatment.

Another benefit for me personally is that my skin produces less sebum, so I rarely get acne anymore and it is something I used to struggle with sometimes. Another drastic change is that my libido has dropped a lot. I feel happier since taking the hormones. The only thing left for me was to get the facial feminization surgeries.

To be continued…

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