Breast augmentation surgery trends

With the current popularity of breast surgery, let’s take a look at the breast augmentation surgery trends to know more about why this surgery has gained so much popularity in the last 10 years.

Thomas Cronin and Frank Gerow invented the silicone breast implants in 1962 and performed surgery for the first time then.


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Due to the problems with a silicone implants produced by a French company, the FDA had 14 year ban on silicone implants. The ban was lifted in 2006 and today, it is the most performed plastic surgery in USA with 300,378 surgeries performed in 2017. From 2000 to 2017, breast augmentation surgeries have risen by 41%.

Breast augmentation surgery trends in Korea


In Korea, breast augmentation has grown in popularity in the recent years. In the past, it was accessible to the rich and famous, and surgery was not openly discussed. With the social acceptance of plastic surgery, an increasing number of women are opting for surgery.


Breast augmentation surgery trends


In Korea, women have always preferred to have a “discrete” breast augmentation surgery, which looks very natural. Natural results have always been at the forefront, so rather than the “bigger is better” mentality, breasts with a natural volume have always been preferred. Korean women would select up to a B cup to match with their body shape. C cups and above would make surgery look very obvious, so most women would not select anything large.



With the increasing acceptance of surgery, women may opt for larger sizes, but the emphasis still remains the same, on natural looking results.

Breast augmentation surgery trends in USA

Since the introduction of this surgery, women have been flocking to have breast augmentation surgery. Saline implants were more favored, but the recent trends show silicone implants are at an all time high.

Rather than the “fake” looking porn-star style breasts, the current trend is steering towards more natural looking-results that match the body shape.

There are also a rising number of women who had surgery a few years back, with large implants, and have a revision surgery to change the implant sizes to more natural size or remove them all together.

Changes in the breast augmentation surgery trends worldwide

With advancements in breast surgery techniques, recovery time after surgery has greatly reduced. Although it is a major surgery, recovery is faster and results look very natural. People opt for more natural looking breast augmentation surgery nowadays.

Although implant type and placement (under or over the breast muscles) and incision area are major concerns for anyone wanting to have surgery, a consultation with a doctor is necessary to determine which surgical plan will best suit you and your lifestyle.


Breast augmentation surgery trends


In addition, life style choices also play a part. For someone who is physically active, an under the muscle option with incision in the armpit area would be a better option.

Another option that is getting popular is the breast augmentation with fat transfer. It involves removing the fat from areas like abdomen and thighs and injecting into the breasts. Although many people opt for this surgery, the results are modest in comparison with implant insertion. Another option is including both in one procedure like the Y-line Breast augmentation surgery.

Breast augmentation surgery trends will keep changing as long as the beauty aesthetics change.

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