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Up-close and Personal with Maya from Germany


ID Hospital Interview – Maya


Maya – Before Surgery


Meet Maya, our beautiful FFS model from Germany. Maya is 31 years old and full of life. She started her transition about 10 years ago, but only decided to have FFS surgeries in 2017. This is her second time to have surgery at ID Hospital, and she will be back for her second session of fat graft.


ID Hospital: What is your birth name? Have you legally changed your name?

Maya: My birth name is Marko and I have still not changed it. Please call me Maya though!


ID Hospital: Can you define what it means to be a transgender?

Maya: Being a transgender simply means that you were born in the wrong body. Since I was young I knew I am a female, but I was just in the wrong body.



Before surgery Maya


ID Hospital: When did you first come to realize that you are a female?

Maya: Since I was 5 years old, I knew that I am a female. My mother was very supportive from the beginning. I have always worn girly clothes since I was young and my mother accepted that as normal, and I am very blessed to have that kind of support in my life.


ID Hospital: How long have you been on hormones? How did your body change with HRT?

Maya: At the moment, I am not taking any hormones. I stopped because my doctor in Germany told me that I would have higher risks of having some types of medical disorders, so I decided to stop taking hormones for now.




ID Hospital: What was it like coming out to family and friends? Were they accepting?

Maya: I never had to come out officially because they knew and accepted me for who I am from the very beginning. I was always this way since I was 5 years old, so my family already accepted me since then.


ID Hospital: Since you have started your transition 10 years ago, what would you say to someone who says they are transitioning or are a transgender?

Maya: Do not doubt how you feel or let others instill doubts in you. You have to be true to yourself first and foremost. Follow your dreams and live your life how you want to live it!




ID Hospital: Do people treat you differently? How do you deal with it?

Maya: Yes, they do. I ignore any type of negative behavior if it makes me uncomfortable. However, after surgery, I look more feminine so my partner and my friends like the way I look and are very supportive, so other people’s opinions do not matter to me.


ID Hospital: How do you feel after having your surgeries? Are you satisfied with the results?

Maya: Yes, I feel amazing! I am so happy with the surgery results.




ID Hospital: How were your previous surgery results? Was there much swelling or pain? How was the healing process?

Maya: The first few days are always the hardest, and I have to keep reminding myself that the end result will be totally worth it, and I have not been disappointed. I am so much more confident and happy.


ID Hospital: Any tips for patients coming to Korea to have surgery for the first time?

Maya: Trust ID Hospital and let them do it ! I have had many surgeries and every surgery was successful. The doctors and staff all made me feel comfortable and I know I did the right thing by selecting ID Hospital for my FFS surgeries.


ID Hospital: Would you recommend ID Hospital to others, and why?

Maya: Yes, definitely! Id Hospital changed my life! For anyone who wants to change their life, and transform into a better version of themselves, ID Hospital is the place to go! It is the best decision I have made for my life, and I love how feminine I look.


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