Summer Promotion

- 50% Discount + (20% additional discount) -

  • Botox

    33,000~ KRW
  • Toning Laser
    (1 session)

    66,000~ KRW
  • Filler

    165,000~ KRW
  • Shurink
    (100 shots)

    90,000~ KRW
  • Fat Melting

    90,000~ KRW
  • Hair Removal
    (1 session)

    20,000~ KRW
ONLY for Foreigners Living in Korea
** The above prices include the 20% additional discount, which is offered
if you give us consent to use before and after procedure pictures
(only showing the areas you had the procedures) **

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Information on the collection and use of personal information

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  • ① Personal information items collected : Name, contact, Messenger ID
  • ② Purpose of collection and use : Consultation on surgery and treatment at ID Hospital
  • ③ Period of stroage and use : Until the end of consultation purposes