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Facial Contouring Hospital in Korea

Korean Facial Contouring Hospital Developing surgery to give you a smaller, beautiful face shape

The ultimate goal for anyone who wishes to have a smaller, beautiful face, is to have the V-line surgery ID Hospital Korea performs the V-line surgery to cater to any face shape, be it rounded, or angular, anyone can get a beautiful v-shaped facial contour.

Types of Facial Contour Surgery in Korea

Customized surgery based on individual face structure

No matter what face shape you have, it can be improved.
So, do not hesitate to visit Hospital which is certified by the Korean Health and Welfare Ministry

How is Facial Contouring Surgery done in Korea?

Highly experienced, facial bone specialists perform surgeries
to improve appearance and resolve functional issues
  • Step 1: Desired surgical outcomes discussed in-depth during consultation
  • Step 2 : Thorough examination with total of 50 types of tests are conducted
  • Step 3 : Precise diagnosis and analysis through using X-ray and CT scan
  • Step 4 : Surgical planning meeting of professional medical staff
  • Step 5 : Proceed with safe surgery with an anesthesiologist
  • Step 6 : Admission for post-operative recovery and health check
  • Step 7 : After care services for faster healing process
  • Step 8 : Check the progress and condition of the patient

ID Hospital’s Facial Bone Surgeries medical team

You will be satisfied with the results because of the experience
and know-how of ID Hospital’s surgeons, accumulated by operating on various cases

Facial contouring plastic surgeon

If you cannot find the answer you require
about facial contouring surgeries

please feel free to contact us through our online consultation and price quote options.
  • Are translation services available for foreigners?Yes, ID Hospital provides translation in your preferred language. 1: 1 consultation translator will take care of you during consultation, surgery, check-up, and recovery, so that you can focus on your surgery without any inconvenience.
  • How long is the recovery period after surgery? Normally, in case of mini v-line surgery and cheekbone reduction surgery, it is possible to get discharged the same day according to the patient’s condition. However, it is necessary to confirm the state of the patient after waking up from anesthesia and proper disinfection of the surgical area. Admission is preferable. 2 to 3 days after surgery, it is possible to resume normal activities (please read your post-surgery manual given to you at the Hospital) . Major level of swelling and bruises may last for 3 to 5 weeks, and minor swelling lasts from 3 to 6 months. It is recommended that you wash your mouth frequently with mouthwash after surgery and avoid hot or spicy foods because they may irritate the surgical site. It is also recommended that about two weeks after surgery, you start mouth exercises to widen the jaw, and help the nerves heal faster by using those exercises.
  • Do I need to be admitted to the hospital for all surgeries? Generally, you can be discharged on the same day for cheekbone reduction surgery. In many cases, patients who undergoes surgery in the morning, can wake up from anesthesia and return home alone in the afternoon. However, when going home, do not bend your head or bow down when sleeping. It is good for decreasing your swelling and pain, and use of a fluffy pillow to support yourself in an upright position is advised. (please read your post-surgery manual given to you at the Hospital)
  • I am afraid that if I have cheekbone reduction surgery, my cheeks will be saggy. First of all, it is important to accurately analyze the shape of the cheekbones before surgery. It is necessary to consult with a clinician who has a lot of clinical experiences based on the results of X-ray and 3D-CT. At surgery, cheekbones are shaved based on the diagnosis. Depending on the skin elasticity of the person, an additional lifting procedure may also be recommended so the tissues are lifted together to give a lifting effect.
  • Can bones re-grow again after cheekbone reduction surgery? The facial bones do not grow after the growth period is over. In addition, cheekbone reduction surgery is a procedure in which the protruding cheekbone itself is moved inward and fixed to a new position, so you can rest assured that the cheekbones size will not increase again after surgery.
  • Do I have to use the fixing pins? In case of cheekbone reduction surgery where your bone is completely cut, pins are needed to tightly fix the skin tissue and muscles and make them heal faster between the bones. This procedure equally happens with the other facial contouring surgeries too. Three months after the surgery, the bone is fully healed and firmly bonded as before the operation. The pins are made of metals for surgery and treatment. It’s the same material used for teeth implant, causing no harm to human body so the removal is up to your personal choice. It does not matter if you go through an airport search or CT or MRI.
  • What is the difference between the T-Osteotomy and regular osteotomy methods?T-osteotomy is a method that is used to cut the chin bone in a T-shape, gathering the edges of resected chins pieces back together, which are secured with titanium pins. Square jaw reduction surgery can be done together which gives a natural V-shaped face.

Precautions After Bone Contouring Surgery

What to avoid for a month
Blowing the nose, pressurizing the face (coughing, excessive exercise, and etc.), sauna, steam room, dermatology treatment (Fraxel, laser, and etc), drinking alcohol, and smoking.
  • [Band]-Please wear the facial band for a week after the surgery. After 1 hr of band wearing, please take a 30 min break from the facial band. (You can remove the facial band when gargling, eating, and sleeping).
    If you feel a sudden hard swelling on your face, please put the gauze we provided on the swollen area and wear the band over the gauze. Then, press the area gently and contact the hospital immediately. (If you do not have gauze, you can use a handkerchief instead of gauze.)
  • [Bleeding/De-swelling packs]-Bleeding may occur from the mouth or nose for about 2 weeks after the surgery. Please use the nasal gauze and ice pack that is provided when you got discharged. Please contact the hospital if the bleeding is enough to get more than one sheet wet in 10 minutes. You can apply an ice pack until the 4th day of the surgery, and then use a warm pack from the 5th day to the 14th day after the surgery.
  • [Meal]-Eat soft foods like porridge on the first day. (Soft bread, tofu, fish cake, steamed egg, rolled egg, finely chopped side dishes, etc.).
    -Try to avoid food that can cause diarrhea (Foods that are high in fiber such as pumpkin porridge, sesame porridge, and dairy food).
    -It is recommended to drink at least 1L of warm water per day to reduce the swelling, clean the mouth, and discharge phlegm.
    -Foods that you should avoid for 2 weeks at least: Oily foods (beef bones), spicy food and salty foods.
    -Foods that you should avoid for 2 months at least: Foods are hard to chew and sticky (rice cake, candy, gum, squid, kimchi, radish, and etc.)
  • [How to gargle]– Please gargle until the next day of the oral stitch-out.
    -Mix the hexamedin 20cc + sterile purified water or 1 liter of sterile distilled water and gargle. (Distilled water can be purchased additionally from the pharmacy).
    -When to gargle : As soon as you wake up in the morning/every 2 hours/ after eating/before you go to bed.
Eye Drop
Eye Drop
  • [Shower & Facial cleansing]– If you have a plaster (or dressing tapes) on your sideburn, use the waterproof tapes on the top of the plaster and then take a shower and wash your hair. Please remove the waterproof tape once you are done.
    – If plaster (or dressing tapes) fall off from getting wet, try not to touch the surgical area and dry them well with cool air from the dryer.
  • [Bruising & Swelling]– Bruises on the surgical area will gradually be gone in 2 weeks. Make sure to apply sunscreen to prevent any pigmentation.
    – To take a walk or have your upper body elevated for about 30 degrees during sleeping will help reduce the swelling.
    ※ If you have rubber band inside your mouth, cut it off with a provided scissor in case of emergency and visit ID hospital (If the rubber band breaks on its own, you have to visit the hospital as well)