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How to transform to a more feminine face with FFS

Many CIS females and MTF transgender patients can get a more feminine face with FFS.

Facial feminization surgeries (FFS) are surgeries that target the masculine aspects of the face to change them to feminine facial features.


What makes a face look masculine?


1. Forehead shape and length
2. Prominent brow
3. Masculine large nose
4. Angular jaw
5. Lack of volume


How to get a more feminine face with FFS?


We will look at a few cases to see which surgeries they needed and what helped them get a more feminine face.


Case 1

feminine face with FFS

Echo came to ID hospital to get a more feminine face with FFS. From her before picture, her jaw is wide and chin is long. Her forehead is also wide and she needs extra volume for her face, to make it look softer and feminine. She had V-line surgery, forehead reduction, rhinoplasty, fat graft and SMAS lift for her face.

Case 2


feminine face with FFS

Maya had very prominent forehead, cheekbones, jaw and chin. To make the forehead more rounded and feminine, she had a forehead reduction. She had facial contouring surgeries (V-line and cheekbone reduction) and SMAS lift with Accusculpt fat removal laser.



She decided to have a revision surgery for her nose because she wasn’t satisfied with her primary surgery, so she came back six months later to get her rhinoplasty. She looks a lot more feminine than before.

Case 3


Arielle wanted to get a feminine face with FFS, so she came to ID Hospital to have surgery. Her forehead length and shape made her look masculine so with a forehead reduction surgery, the hairline was lowered and rounded.


feminine face with FFS


Her jaw and chin were wide, but since she did not want a sharp chin, the surgeon created a more rounded feminine jaw. She also had rhinoplasty to make her nose smaller. She needed more volume in her forehead and under eye area, so fat graft was recommended.


feminine face with FFS


The surgeries differ based on the structure of the person, and the results also differ based on the surgical plan.

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