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ID Hospital Services for Foreign patients while in Korea

ID Hospital services


ID Hospital services are provided to patients who have surgery here, but there are some cases where patients are not sure of what services we provide. We made a post to elaborate on the services to help you prepare in advance, so you can be aware of what you have to prepare on your own.


ID Hospital Services (Regular)


Airport Pick-up service: Patients who pay a deposit to make a surgery booking also get a complimentary airport pick-up and drop off (terms and conditions apply).

Hotel Booking (affiliated hotel only): Id hospital provides booking hotel rooms at the affiliated hotel.

Shuttle bus: The affiliated hotel has dedicated shuttle bus for ID Hospital patients to go to and from the hospital.

Translation services at the Hospital premises: From consultation, to the last visit before leaving, a translator is present to facilitate communication between patients and doctors, hospital staffs etc.


ID Hospital services


ID Hospital Services (Surgery-related)


The surgery cost paid by the patient covers surgery, anesthesia, pre-surgery examinations, overnight stay at the ward (for 1 night only), post-surgery check-ups, Home care pack, post-surgery swelling care treatments and stitches removal.

Consultation is free, but there are examination charges (X-ray, CT scan) for patients who have consultation only. For patients who have paid a surgery deposit, the charges are included in the surgery price.

Medication cost is not included in the surgery fee and differs depending on the types of surgery; average cost is between 20-60 USD. Medication should not be eaten on an empty stomach and doing so will cause nausea, so patients are strictly forbidden from having medication on an empty stomach.

Services not offered by ID Hospital for patients

Booking services: Flight booking, non-affiliate hotel booking, transportation services, tourist guide, leisure activities bookings are all not offered.

Pre-surgery examinations: Patients who require additional testing not carried out at our Hospital, like neck CT scan, cardiac screening, etc. have to visit the another hospital and pay separately for the testing. The patient is advised to be up to date with any health issues before coming to Korea for surgery. In case the patient has a health issue that prevents them from having surgery, the surgery will get cancelled. In order to avoid such complications, you must ensure that you have a clean bill of health before coming to have surgery.

Food: Food is not offered at the ward, not upon discharge from the Hospital, so patients have to prepare their food in advance. Patients who will be in the ward, can bring some liquid food items like juices, instant soups etc. Patients are advised to buy food and keep in their hotel before going to the surgery, in case they cannot go out to buy food after the surgery.


ID Hospital services


Private Nurse or helper: Patients who are travelling for the first time, or having surgery for the first time should consider coming with a friend or family member in case they might feel overwhelmed and need help to care for themselves after surgery.

Emergency situation: The Hospital cannot locate and bring the patient to the Hospital premises in case of emergency. The patient is required to come to the Hospital for medical assistance. In case the patient is not able to or needs assistance, the hotel lobby may call a taxi or ambulance to bring the patient to the Hospital. Alternatively, the patient must know the emergency numbers to call in every case. To call an ambulance, please dial 119. The hospital ward is open 24 hours a day, so the patient can be admitted at any time.


If you have any further queries about ID Hospital Services, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

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  1. Estoy interesada en la cirugía de contorno del rostro mi cara es cuadrada y necesito asesoramiento para saber a qué cirugía debo someterme.

  2. Hi. Is it possible to hv consultation only on brow lift, eoicanthoplasty n fat graft? Im currently is at Seoul n hv to fly back to my country on next Monday, 29 th August. Im probably would like to do some under eyes filler.

  3. Hello,

    I am traveling to ID Hospital in November on the 7th for multiple surgeries. I would like to use this service and how can I get in contact with someone who speaks english.

    Thank you!

  4. Hello,
    My name is Sierra. I’m interested in getting facial feminization surgery. By any chance do US insurances such as Molina Medical cover facial feminization surgery if it is approved as a gender affirming surgery?


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