So what do you mean by jaw surgery?

Despite the massive amount of information on the internet, there still seems to be a confusion surrounding jaw surgery and double jaw surgery. Not only are these surgeries totally different, they both serve completely different purposes. They can be done together or separately. Articles like this, this, this and even this post on an American website all illustrate that the double jaw surgery done in South Korea is for achieving a V-shaped face and performed as a beauty treatment.

But is that true?

Not only are these statements far from the truth, but they seem to have mish-mashed two separate procedures into one, calling it a jaw surgery.

A jaw reduction surgery involves shaving the mandible angle bone to get rid of an angular jaw, smoothing it out to get a more feminine facial contour. This surgery does not really create a V-shaped facial contour unless you already have a sharp chin to start with. The chin shape or size is not manipulated with this surgery.



jaw surgery


Orthognathic surgery


Orthognathic surgery, also known as double jaw surgery surgically corrects the upper and lower jaws and adjusts them in the correct position. The procedure is suitable for conditions including mandibular prognathism, mouth protrusion, facial asymmetry, and other abnormal positioning of the jaw.

Traditionally, braces were required to be worn 1 to 1.5 years prior to surgery. The Surgery-First Approach Orthognathic surgery is an innovative procedure that has shortened the whole surgery time by eliminating the braces prior to surgery. After the surgery, a wafer is worn for one month followed by braces. Usually, depending on the cases, braces are required after the surgery to re-align the bite.




The type of surgery does not create a V-shaped face. It only fixes the jaw alignment, and of the person had a small jaw and chin to begin with, then this surgery just brings the jaw back to a normal position to reveal the normal jaw.


V-line Surgery


jaw surgery


V-line surgery, also known as jaw surgery, actually includes two types of surgeries. Jaw reduction is done to reduce the size of the jaw bone (mandible angle) and a chin genioplasty surgery is done to reduce or extend the chin bone.

Just like the orthognathic surgery, there are different types of methods for the V-line surgery, and osteotomy methods differ. Dia-osteotomy, T-osteotomy, etc. are recommended by the surgeon upon reviewing a patient’s X-rays.


jaw surgery


This surgery is an aesthetic surgery used to make the jaw and chin into a V-shape to make the face more feminine.

Important things to keep in mind before going for any types of maxilliofacial surgeries:

1. Experience level of the surgeon is important, so selection of the surgeon is vital and can make all the difference in the type of results you get.
2. The safety level of the facilities you select for your surgery.
3. The types of pre-surgery examination and post-surgery care.
4. Managing the surgery results, by following all the instructions given, and exercising the jaw to help it heal faster

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