Korean skin care tips for the perfect skin

Patients who come to Korea know about the advanced surgery skills and techniques, so they opt to have surgery in Korea. Another symbol of Korean beauty is their soft flawless skin.

Many patients think that there are surgeries that can create the perfect skin, but in reality, Koreans have a combination of skin care to maintain their wonderful skin.

If you have not been following a proper skin care regimen, taking the opportunity to start after getting surgery will help you heal faster and maintain your skin.

Korean skin care tips



Using a tool for properly washing off the makeup and cleansing your skin will add heaps of benefits. It helps with lymphatic drainage as well.
Most popular tools are the cleanser brushes, which are used to clean the skin, tighten pores, exfoliate, remove dead skin cells etc. After having surgery, you have to take special care not to use any of the cleansing tools on the surgical area, so depending on the surgery, please wait 1-3 months before using a cleansing brush on your face.


Korean skin care tips


Galvanic Ion Massager

This is one of the latest gadgets, a total game changer for your skin care regimen. It allows the skin care products to penetrate deeper into the skin layers, so you can get more benefits from your products. Depending on the type of products you use, you can notice increased skin elasticity and enhanced sebum control.

Korean Skin care routine

From a young age, Koreans are taught by their mothers to start taking care of their skin, so using a lot of products is normal. The cleanser, toner and emulsion combo (followed by cream in winter) is the basic regimen and committing to doing that twice a day will make a great difference.


Korean skin care tips

Face Mist

Face mist doesn’t sound like much, right? In Korea, it is. In summer, cooling mists keep the skin hydrated and cool and in winter, thicker mists are used to keep the skin moisturized throughout. The mists can be used even with a full face of makeup, and come in many sizes, so they are easily portable and will help keep your skin refreshed.

Vitamins, Omega and Collagen

Among the Korean skin care tips, this is one of the most important. Having a balanced diet is important, but a lot of people supplement to get better hair, skin and nails. Most commonly used, is a daily multi-vitamin, omega supplements and collagen. These help to ensure the skin is nourished from the inside.

Korean skin care tips


Koreans are very conscious of changes in their skin, and some of the changes are due to the weather. Korean skin care tips change with the weather too. During summer, a dehumidifier is used to remove excess moisture from the air. In winter, due to the dry air from the heater, a humidifier is needed to address the dry skin. Most people have portable devices on their desks at work, and at home.

Light chemical peeling pads

This is another popular product from Korean skin care tips and it is especially recommended for those who wear heavy makeup on a daily basis. The light chemical peeling pads help exfoliate the skin, and remove excess dirt, help unclog pores, clean off fine dust particles etc.


Korean skin care tips


Koreans use sunblock/sunscreen products daily. In fact, dermatologists recommend applying sunblock every 3 hours! For those who cannot follow such instructions, applying it at least once or twice daily will help protect your skin from the harmful rays, and keep your skin looking younger.


Korean skin care tips


Dermatology visits

Koreans visit a dermatologist at least once a month. Laser treatments or facials are an extra step to make sure your skin is getting more care.


Korean skin care tips


Super Tip: Facial skin is important, but so is the body. Koreans also take good care of their skin by exfoliating at least once a week, using hand and body lotions to stay moisturized and staying active to ensure good circulation.

After getting surgery, following these Korean skin care tips for a good skin care routine will give you the best results overall.

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