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She has found true happiness in her life!


“I want to get rid of my mom’s look on my face”

Wide and huge face, angular jaw, protruding teeth…
Most of all, Ji Hyun says she wants to get rid of her mom’s look from her face.

She got bullied by her friends since she was in middle school. She was verbally and physically assaulted by her dad just because she looks like her mother.

She has to pay her monthly rent and loan for tuition and living expense, and she feels so much burden on her day by day. She never had anyone on her side neither in school nor at home.


Making a miracle for Kim, Ji-Hyun

Doctors from id Hospital

Orthognathic Surgery + V-line Surgery + Cheekbone reduction

She has a square jaw and protruding cheekbone along with malocclusion. Especially, her square jaw angled almost to 90° caused by the malocclusion is aesthetically not perfect, moreover, it brings a functional problem, which needs to be fixed as soon as possible. No-tie Double jaw Surgery, V-line Surgery, and Cheekbone reduction will be operated together.

Sang hoon Park, M.D., Ph.D.

Nose, Forehead Surgery

Flat forehead as well as low and small nose give a flat facial look overall. Donated cartilage will be used to sharpen the nose, and fat graft will create a volume line on the forehead to make a brighter and younger look.

Il hwan Kim, MD., Ph.D.

Orthodontic Treatment

The level of her malocclusion is so severe, and I can say that her case is the most difficult one out of all Let Me In seasons. She has a seriously poor teeth alignment – her front teeth are protruded by 23° more than normal people, and the lower front teeth are too high that they touch the ceiling of her mouth. Lingual orthodontic treatment will fix the malocclusion and align the teeth line.

Yang ku. Lee.,D.D.S.,Ph.D.

id’s Special Poly-Clinic System

After setting up a systematic and perfect surgery plan, all medical staff from each department plans the safest surgery for the patient.

[A] Forehead Fat Graft

Fat graft on the flat and sunken forehead to create a volumized forehead

[B]Under Eye Re-positioning

Fat under eyes that caused dark and depressed look is removed and repositioned to create a brighter image

[C] Barbie-line Nose Surgery

Small and flat nose bridge as well as the tip heightened to upgrade to a defined line

[D] Volume Cheekbone Surgery

Reducing the width of sunken cheekbone, adding more dimension to it to create a younger image

[E] V-line Surgery

Slim V-line from ears to chin for a smooth facial line

[F] Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontic treatment to correct the spaced front teeth to a normal angle and to pull down the lower teeth to the right position! Consistent orthodontic treatment to make a perfect occlusion of teeth!

[G] No-tie Double jaw Surgery

Asymmetry, short chin, protruding jaw improved for a decent look through No-tie Two-jaw Surgery

Beauty that you could never imagine

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The impeccable transformation

The regained confidence of
‘Park, Jin-Bae’
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The impeccable transformation

The regained confidence of
‘Park, Jin-Bae’

Let Me In Global Project

Let Me In ‘in Thailand’
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Let Me In Global Project

Let Me In ‘in Thailand’

Surprising Transformation

The hairstylist with ‘No face’
‘Yoon, Dan-Bi’
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Surprising Transformation

The hairstylist with ‘No face’
‘Yoon, Dan-Bi’

A changeover into a cute and sexy girl

The Son-like Daughter,
‘Bae, So-Young’
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A changeover into a cute and sexy girl

The Son-like Daughter,
‘Bae, So-Young’