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ID News article

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[Meerkat News] ID Hospital captivates the women’s hearts in the world with the special services

2017-08-01 14:35

[Meerkat News]

ID Hospital captivates the women’s hearts in the world with the special services for the safety and the foreigner customers!


ID Hospital (Representative Director- Park, Sang-hoon), which is Korea’s largest-sized cosmetic surgery center, has been attracting the gazes through the persistent attraction of the foreigner customers.
Although, because of the THAAD placement conflict, the reduction of the Chinese tourists has given a blow to the plastic surgery market.  Even still, with the goal to become a global cosmetic surgery hub, the ID Hospital set sail as the ‘Asian Beauty Center’ and, by carrying out the special services for the safe operations and for the foreigner customers, it has been accumulating the trusts of the customers not only in China but, also, in the whole world.

The core centers of the Asian Beauty Center are a total of 6 centers, including the Jaw Correction Center, the Facial Contours Center, the Protruded Mouth Center, the Nose Plastic Surgery Center, the Teeth Correction Center, and the Anesthesia and Pain Center.  And it possesses a total of 3 linked hospitals, including the ID Dental Hospital, the ID Dermatology Hospital, and the ID Slimming Center.

Regarding the nationally-certified Comprehensive, Medical Examination Center, because an internal medicine doctor attends to it, it pursues the safe operations by proceeding with the ‘comprehensive, medical examination for the reassured plastic surgery’, including the X-rays, the computer tomography (CT), the bone density test, the growth plate test, the respiratory organs test, the jaw joint inspection, etc.

And, by having the 5 medical treatment departments, including the Department of Plastic Surgery, the Department of Ear-Nose-and-Throat, the Department of Correction Dentistry, the Department of Anesthesia, and the Department of Dermatology carry out the cooperated medical treatments organically, they provide the solutions regarding not only the beauty treatment, of course, but, also, the functional improvements and the management of the swellings after a surgery.  Thereby, a one-stop total service, encompassing the tests, the surgical procedures, and the afterwards management, was established.

For the smooth use of the hospital by the foreign customers, over 50 expert coordinators who can speak the 8 foreign languages, including Chinese and English, of course, and Japanese, Thai, Mongolian, Arabic, Vietnamese, and Indonesian, have been attending to it.  By cooperating with the nurses 24 hours a day, they provide a service that fits the national tendencies of the foreigner patients.

Also, the use has been made to be convenient by possessing a counseling floor for exclusive use by the foreigner customers and a hospital ward for exclusive use by the foreigner patients.Especially, in the case of the hospital ward, by paying the additional costs, including the costs for the indispensable time period of the hospitalizations, a patient can stay in the hospital ward by a maximum of 5 days.  During this time period, the medical services, including the interpretation service, the guidance on taking the medicines after leaving the hospital, the roundings by the nurses, the nursing treatments, the rounds by the doctor, the afterwards management, etc., are provided.Regarding these services, because of the solution of the feelings of insecurity of the foreigner patients who receive the operations at other places and because of the receipt of more care from the experts, the level of satisfaction by the patients is very high.

Park, Sang-hoon, the Director of the ID Hospital, said, “According to the gradual increase of the foreigner customers who visit the ID Hospital and the diversification of the countries, too, we will endeavor to provide the improved medical services, of course, and the services that have considered the special characteristics by country.  And we will become a hospital that unceasingly researches and develops for the conveniences and the beauties of the patients”.