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[Sports Chosun] The safety of the patients is a priority. ID Hospital had no problem even with the occurrence of a blackout

2017-08-01 14:37

[Sports Chosun]

ID Hospital had no problem even with the occurrence of a blackout in Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, which was not forewarned.


The safety of the patients is a priority.

Today, on June 2nd, because a blackout took place in around over 200 arcades and buildings from the Sinsa Subway Situation Intersection to the Young Dong Hotel, the citizens experienced the inconveniences. According to the Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO), regarding the cause of the sudden power failure, the power failure of all the nearby buildings took place because a high-voltage cable was touched (Dielectric breakdown) while carrying out a perforation operation at a building in the surroundings. And it conveyed that, regarding the buildings excluding the malfunction zone, the electricity has been supplied normally at present.

It appeared that, especially, in the whole area of Sinsa-dong, where the plastic surgery clinics are concentrated, the places that possessed an emergency electric power system in preparation for a power failure situation, which comes without any forewarning, did not reach even the level of a half.

To give an example, the ID Hospital, which had possessed the UPS system (an uninterruptable system) even in the power failure situation this time, conveyed that it protected the patients safely as the electric power was not severed even in the power failure situation.

The ID Hospital, which said that ‘The securing of the safety of the patients is a priority unconditionally’, has meticulously prepared for the emergency situations regarding which the times of the occurrences are not known by establishing an uninterruptable power supply device so that the electricity can be normally supplied with the electric power that has been stored in the storage battery being used without any disconnections of the electricity even if a sudden blackout takes place. Also, as the possibility of the combustion due to a fire is small, because it is a hospital building made with the building structures that have the safe, fire-resistant structures, it possesses the nearly perfect facilities in relation to the safety.

The related officials at the hospital conveyed that the patients must make the decisions after meticulously finding about the safety system of the hospital in consideration of all the emergency situations that can take place just in case.