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[KMIB] The authentic customized facial contours are possible with the V-logic

2017-08-01 14:40


The customized facial contours operation, which is merely the words only, is not O.K. The authentic customized facial contours are possible with the V-logic.


Although, with the overspecialization of the facial contour operation, all the plastic surgery clinics have been overusing the expression of ‘the customized facial contour operations’, the places that actually present the specific answer regarding in relation to what part the surgery is said to be customized are not found often.

‘Towards the customization through the 1 to 1 counseling…”. “Towards the customization method through the diagnosis of a specialist doctor…”. Although the advertisements are made saying that it is the customization method in this way, regarding what will be done and how it will be done specifically, most of the cases are vague. But, by announcing the V-logic, which has applied the diverse operation methods according to the shapes of the jaw bones and the positions of the neural lines, the ID Hospital, which received the certification as being the top plastic surgery hospital from the Ministry of Health and Welfare, has been materializing the ‘authentic, customized facial contour operations’.

Dr. Lee, Tae-seong of the ID Hospital explained, “It can be considered that the V-logic facial contour operational method is an operational logic which has compiled the know-how of only the ID Hospital, which has grown while specializing in the facial bones. It is an operational method system with which the systematic tailor-made responses are possible to the operational methods that have been getting different according to the situation of the patient and the improvement goals, including the general case in which a lot of the reduction of the length of the end of the chin are not needed, the case in which the length of the end of the chin must be reduced, the case in which the position of the neural lines is low or a lot of the reduction of the length of the end of the chin is needed in comparison with the position of the neural lines, the case in which the position of the neural lines is roomy and a slender end of the chin is desired, the case in which an improvement of the short chin is desired, etc.

Also, Dr. Lee conveyed, “Because the main purpose of the facial contour operation is to make the slimmest and natural V-line, the golden ratio for this that is ID Hospital’s only has been applied. The thing that provides the maximal effects and satisfaction for the patients who are worried about having a U-shaped face because the face is awkward because it is too pointed and, in the opposite way, because the face is too stubby is the V-logic operational method. The creation of the most ideal V-line shape and ratio according to the condition of the face of a patient is the know-how that is ID’s only”.

But, it is the explanation of Dr. Lee, Tae-seong that, just as it is the case with all plastic surgeries, regarding the facial contours, too, one must be cautious about the side-effects. Especially, he advised that one must be especially cautious about the plastic surgery clinics that deceive the patients with only the fancy name and the inexpensive monetary amount without knowing the accurate surgical method and without having the accurate know-how.