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[Digital Journal] Iconic transgender, sugar baby Cluam Sutherland’s facial feminization surgery experience in Korea

2019-10-17 19:37
Transgender sugar baby, Cluam Sutherland (@cluamsutherland), 21, is an iconic and fabulous influencer from Melbourne, Australia that has undergone plastic surgery procedures at ID Hospital Korea.

facial feminization surgery in korea before after

She shared her dramatic surgery experience on her popular YouTube channel and gained almost 1M views within a month. Cluam Sutherland (@cluamsutherland) received three different procedures together which was forehead reduction, fat grafting and jawline reduction a.k.a. V-line surgery at ID Hospital Korea. She was appointed as ID hospital’s beauty ambassador after the dramatic transformation.

facial feminization surgery recovery

Many of her followers (currently sitting at 244K on her YouTube channel) praised her dramatic plastic surgery transformation at ID Hospital Korea.

transgender facial feminization surgery before after

South Korea has a large number of plastic surgery clinics because of its popularity and the majority clinics are situated in Gangnam District. Patients from over a 100 countries have visited ID Hospital Korea to get surgeries. Among the overseas patients, facial contouring is a popular choice. One of the driving factors for its popularity is the level of dramatic transformation they can delivery.

Another driving factor is the surgeon’s skills. Most patients who come for a revision surgery are dissatisfied with the minimal amount of bone shaving their previous surgeons have done, and want to seek a more dramatic reduction in their face size. Due to the surgeons having a great number of clinical experiences with the surgeries, they can safely reduce a larger amount of the jaw bone, while still making the results look very natural.

The most popular surgical procedure is the V-line surgery, which consists of mandible angle reduction and chin genioplasty. With this surgery, the angular part of the jaw is shaved along with the chin and changes the contour of the whole jaw.

Another popular FFS procedure is forehead reduction, which is a hairline lowering surgery, performed by pulling the hairline down to reduce the size of the forehead thus creating a more feminine look. Many patients who wish to feminize their face receive these two procedures along with other procedures that are recommended based on their individual features.

A common misconception people have of the FFS procedures is that they are only for male patients transitioning into female patients. However, all surgeries that fall under the facial feminization category are to feminize the features for anyone who wants to look more feminine.

Visit ID Hospital Korea’s website at https://eng.idhospital.com/ and find out more information about the surgical procedures if you are looking for a transformation of your own.


Article: http://www.digitaljournal.com/pr/4394184