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[Digital Journal] Medical art: world’s first guidebook about facial bone contouring surgery

2019-10-18 18:58
Korean facial bone contouring surgery has been gaining popularity all over the world and it is in a great demand not only among Koreans, but also among medical tourists visiting Korea for their cosmetic procedures.

“Facial Bone Contouring Surgery: A Practical guide” book includes not simply facial bone surgery techniques, but also rich experience of its author - a pioneer of the facial bone surgeries and a world-known maxillofacial surgeon, a Head Doctor at ID Hospital and an inventor of a globally known facial contouring surgery “V line father” – dr. Park Sang Hoon.

   “Experience is the key aspect of this book, which highlights the essential components necessary to reshape the facial skeleton. … The author's and contributors' clinical experience covers over 10,000 facial bone contouring procedures, making them preeminent in this field. The intended audience encompasses those interested in the contouring of the facial skeleton. Practitioners in the fields of cosmetic surgery and dentistry will benefit from this book….” (Jeffrey S. Rosenthal, Doody's Book Reviews, April, 2018)

   Dr. Park was the first surgeon in South Korea to perform a V line Square Jaw Surgery, which was later registered in American Society of Plastic Surgeons. He created and developed new advanced methods of facial bone surgeries during years of constant research and shared his results and experience on the pages of his book.

“Facial Bone Contouring Surgery: A Practical guide” is world’s first professional practical textbook for plastic surgeons that covers all aspects of facial bone contouring surgery. 200 pages of essential practical surgical information are comfortably divided into 3 parts:

Based on 10 000 surgeries’ unique experience of its author, it delivers not only detailed and illustrated information about range surgical techniques for facial bone contouring, but also provides guidance for preoperative patient assessment, reviews possible post operation complications and complication management, offers immense valuable material and case studies for deeper material’s understanding for a future successful surgical practice.

Published by Springer – a major global publisher in the field of science/technology/medical science (Ranked 10th among global publishers of all fields) this ultimate medical guide changes the entire concept of facial bone contouring surgery. It contains examples of not merely Asian but also diverse ethnic cases and describes their aesthetic differences, helping to increase patient’s satisfaction through adjusting V line technique to individual ethnical features.

“Facial Bone Contouring Surgery: A Practical Guide” book is a result of dr. Park Sang Hoon’s decades of experience and researches. Master your professional knowledge about facial bone surgeries by reviewing various and numerous surgical techniques and cases presented by Korea’s best maxillofacial surgeon and his team.

   Purchase “Facial Bone Contouring Surgery: A Practical Guide” on Amazon:


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