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2013-07-19 11:19


++Low self-esteem due to mandible prognathism++

I was always made fun of by other people because of my protruding chin. They would call me a witch. It broke my heart. If I covered my chin, I looked fine so I would always wear a scarf. But I was sick and tired of hiding my face. I was able to find a slim, beautiful face that I’ve always wanted only because I met ID Hospital.

++ID two-jaw surgery++

ID two-jaw surgery separates the upper and lower jaws and adjusts them in the correct position. The procedure is suitable for conditions including mandibular prognathism, mouth protrusion, facial asymmetry, and other abnormal positioning of the jaw. ID Hospital is proud to have recorded over 3,000 cases of two-jaw surgery. Depending on the degree of mandibular prognathism and malocclusion, either two-jaw surgery or lower jaw surgery will be chosen.

+Two-jaw surgery+

Two-jaw surgery means cutting(osteotomy) both the upper and lower jaw and repositioning it in a more functional and esthetic position. In a two-jaw surgery, lower jaw surgery is combined with Le Fort I osteotomy for the upper jaw. Two-jaw surgeries are needed when facial asymmetry is combined, when the degree of the mandibular prognathism is severe, when chin end is protruded, when orthodontic treatment has been done after teeth extraction, and when the facial length is long.

+Lower jaw surgery+

Lower jaw surgery is a procedure that cuts, setback and fix the lower jaw in a new position to treat mandibular prognathism. There are two common surgical methods in treating mandibular prognathism. Those are "sagittal split ramus osteotomy(SSRO) and "intraoral vertical ramus osteotomy(IVRO). We recommend SSRO rather than IVRO, since the former has shortened healing periods with wider contact areas between the cut bones which leads superior bone healing, and is also better on the aspect of esthetics.

The real video on youtube, one lady had "two-jaw surgery" at id hospital to correct her mandible prognathism

1. interview before surgery

2. preparing surgery

3. surgery day, post surgery, follow up

4. post surgery, follow up _one month and three month

5. interview after surgery

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