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ID hospital - New semester New feature ,which surgery is suitable to you ?

2013-08-26 13:20


I think it is right to say that face shape can decide their own image in the eyes of others . In the facial contour lines, the jaw line seems very important .Difference of chin shapes bring different temperament . Some chins make people look more like a "babyface " while some chins give people an impression of fierce and tough.
Thus owning a nice chin really matters.

Further , people keep increasing the requirement of chin surgery with the development in plastic surgery field . A successful chin surgery not only means a v-line face shape but also a harmony among facial features .At the same time , it requires that one"s face shape should mix harmony with the proportion of body .
But in case of the prominent mandible angle led by the over developed jaw bone , it"s not that easy to be changed to a nice V-line shape . A weak effect would be found if only depending on the functional cosmetics or Botox injection. At this time , in order to get an ideal suregry result , osteotomy is necessary to be used for cutting the extra bones . For the people who persue beauty , it"s not an easy thing to make his decision to accept the surgery due to the surgery"s superior difficulty and the long recovery time .

Recently , a new facial contouring surgery "Mini v-line surgery "came up which aim at the desire of those beauty seekers . The popularity of mini v-line surgery hasn"t gone down since it can help the beauty seekers to realize their V face dream and also shortens the recovery time after surgery . Especially for those students whose new semester is about to begin , mini V-line surgery seems to be more attractive and they stream in and out to make the consultation with doctors.

"Mini v-line jaw surgery " is applicable to the case of the wide & round chin , long chin , short chin ,or uncoordinated big chin while the mandible jaw is not prominent . Mini v-line jaw surgery by T-osteotomy can put forward or push back the chin bone , also it can slove the face asymmetry problem.

Short recovery time is another characteristic of mini v-line surgery .It only need the T-osteotomy and it have the advantages of short surgery time , small surgery part , small amount of blood loss and no swelling . If you accept the mini v-line surgery in the morning then you can leave the hospital in the afternoon .You can go back to your daily life after 3 -4 days post mini v-line surgery .

The president Lee Jihyuck, from id hospital, introduced : "mini v-line jaw surgery " can be undergoed avoiding of nerves and only be operated on the chin part .Thus it could be a more safe surgical method compared to other chin reduction surgery .

Id hospital suggests the beauty seekers to go for consultation and surgery at licensed medical facilities .

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