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The Perfect Switcheroo of "BIGCHIN GIRL"

2013-09-03 11:07

When I was a child , other kids made fun of me and called me “ BIG CHIN “ “GOLLIWOG” due to my long and protruding chin . Later I decided to change my life and I chosed ID hospital which is specialized in face contouring surgery . After surgery , I became another person who is definitely pretty and people around me got surprised . Everybody spoke in praise of my beautiful face . In their words ,I am the prettiest girl they’ve never met and they hope to own the similar small face as me .

Serveral days ago , when Xu huimei was accepting an interview , she said , “before I gave people an impression of masculine .My face line is not that smoothy which makes me always look so serious ,actually my personality is quite lovely and outgoing . Thanks to the two jaw surgery and thanks to id hospital who enables me to enjoy a new life which is full of thoughtful surprises ."

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