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LET ME IN Season III : The Chinese “Huh Ye-Eun “

2013-09-12 18:01


In the second season of “LET ME IN” , there is a girl who has protruding and long chin and has been suffering the pressure from all aspects. Besides ,she has to take care of his brother who is physically disabled , all of those caused great physical and mental burden to the girl . Once she even thought of death to get rid of her frustrating experience.

Later she joined the “LET ME IN” program and her story touched all the judges. Thus she became the lucky dog and was chosed by ID hospital which is the largest bone surgery hospital specialized in facial contouring. After no -binding double jaw surgery, barbie nose surgery, perfect inner eye surgery, and forehead fat grafting surgery , she became a GODDESS and her life was changed totally .Different from before , she began to busy on South Korea"s major entertainment and performance. Huh Ye-Eun recently frequently occur in everyone"s view and she also took a cinema advertising recently. Her popularity is increasing promptly.

Likewise , a Chinese student named Guo has similar experiences with Huh Ye-Eun . She is living in a happy family but she is suffering the serious anti-jaw problem. She always hopes that she could be a normal girl like other girls around her .When she heard the story of Huh Ye-Eun , excited tears outflows .

The following days , Guo is hesitating to participate in “LET ME IN “ or not . She thinks this is the only way for her to realize her dream, so after several serious discussion with her parents, finally she decided to take a try. She has done the worst intend and she is not gonna regret her own choice .

With the feelings of uneasy and exciting, accompanied by their parents, Guo finally set foot on a dream trip. And she became a lucky dog to accept the two jaw surgery , v-line and V3 lifting surgeries in id hospital .After the above surgeries , she became the Chinese “Huh Ye-Eun “.

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