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ID hospital changed a macho woman into a ID style beauty

2013-10-03 17:10

Park Hua xing ,starred in “LET MEIN” program ,is a lady who accepted the plastic surgery in ID plastic surgery hospital and became a beauty from a macho woman. Ms Park is a 37 years old mother who is bringing three sons currently . As Ms Park said , her breast didn’t develop well Physically. Since the three sons had been given birth to , it can be said that she got a completely flat breast which makes her figure look like a man .

The most heartbreaking thing is her sons were keeping calling her “flat-chested MOM “ which really hurts . Even though she has a harmonious family ,she still doesn’t know how to air her grievance to them ,not only because of the chest , her face looks masculine as well .The protruding bone , sleepy eyes , and broad lower jaw which cause me lack female beauty .

Facing this helpless mother ,ID plastic surgery team decided to help solve her problem . The name of diagnosis & treatment system is “ID Facial&dental”,which consists of plastic surgery and Orthodontic . This team composed of Park Sang hoo ,Kim Junsung , and Lee Yang Goo and became a Korean representative medical team . It means the plastic surgeon and the orthodontist are closely connected together.Post two-jaw surgery , Ms Park was thoroughly remoulded and became ID style beauty . We believe that Ms Park and her family will have a better future with the help of ID hospital .

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