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V3 Facelift

2013-10-15 14:47


V3 facelift is a new type of face lift and becoming popular increasely . But a lot of people are wondering what is V3 facelift ,the following is its general surgeical procedure :

With the laser, fat in the jaw line/double chin area is removed and dissolvable medical thread is used to lift the skin by a bit, to create a more defined jaw line, also the thread acts as a supplementary role to allow the skin to heal better with the flesh so that it would not sag with the sudden loss of fat in the jaws. After 6 months the thread will start to dissolve and it will be completely gone in 2 years, by then the space between skin and flesh would long be healed. No incisions are done, laser entry points under the chin, no scars. Effect lasts 2~5 years. (individual differences apply)

ID hospital suggest that people should go to the normal hospital to accept examination and surgery .

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