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‘Seven-lock’ non-incisional eyelid surgery

2013-11-05 13:52

We believe that every girl has a beautiful princess dream. When we watch the romantic drama , we imagine that we are the heroine of the story, and we dream of becoming a real princess from a Cinderella.

In girls’ heart , How does a beauty look like? Like a cartoon character who has a small face with big eyes , which is already being planted in our mind .

This is an aethestic standard which lasted for almost half a century and didn’t get changed. In the eyes of girl , a real beauty must be the owner of big and bright piercing eyes.And this view echoed by almost all the girls . As the old saying goes, the eyes are the window to the soul. If this window is small and narrow , how could you see the world clearly and enjoy this world ?

Kim Il Hwan, doctor of ID plastic surgery hospital , said that the single-fold eyelid is very common in Korea . Most of the Korean have single-fold and thin eyelid .Thus , in korea , people think double eyelid surgery is a small surgery since it became so commonplace . Usually , the doctor will recommend a Korean to try the non-incision double eyelid surgery due to their thin and less fat eyelid . However , a lots people feedback that non-incision double eyelid surgery is easy to come loose . Is there a surgery which cannot lead the loose phenomenon ?

Dr. Kim Il Hwan recommends "Seven-lock" non incision double eyelid surgery in ID plastic surgery hospital . Unlike the conventional non-incisional eyelid surgery, ID hospoital indicate seven points in the eyelid region and use a melting thread to create the crease which never unwinds. The entire crease looks natural and clearly defined, making the eyes look bigger and more defined.

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