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Health practitioner - double eyelid surgery, nose surgery and two jaw surgery (on TV)

2013-11-14 15:34
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July 16, 2012 MBC Broadcast
Health practitioner


Announcer: During the summer and holiday seasons, it is an exceptionally popular time for people to look into plastic surgery.

Announcer: Yes, that’s right! These days, plastic surgery is assimilating to become more and more a norm in society. But this is a topic that also shouldn’t be taken upon lightly. Today, Director Park Sang-Hoon will share some experiences he has dealt with regarding plastic surgery.

Announcer: Hello, Dr. Park!

Director: I am Park Sang-Hoon and it is a great pleasure today to be here!

Announcer: During the holidays, are there any specific surgeries that are more popular than others?

Director: Generally, double eyelid surgery and rhinoplasty are usually the most popular during this time. However, due to the fact that facial bone surgery recovery time is quite long, oftentimes many people undergo this surgery as well.

Furthermore, if one impulsively decides to have any sort of surgery, it is crucial to carefully think it out thoroughly. The aesthetics of beauty vary from person to person, one can perceive beauty as different from others. With this, it is important to always be careful because revisional surgery may be needed if the results don’t come to par with expectations.

Announcer: I see. I guess there must be a lot of impulsive eyelid and rhinoplasty surgeries then!

Director: In one case, a man in his mid 20s, was in search of a job. Despite having a tall nose bridge, it was bent and angeled unattractively. Because of this, he experienced a lot of stress as well as feeling less confident in himself.

Bak JongSuk (25 Years Old)
My friends would always say harsh things like, “I could probably even fit coins in that nose!” they would always joke around cruely like that. Back then it was just joking, but these days it’s more…

After being discharged from the military, I am older now, and now is the time to start looking for a job…

Lately, even men get plastic surgery too, right?

Director: That’s correct. Even men desire a physically likable impression. Depending on the size, shape, and build of the nose, surgical methods can vary accordingly from person to person.

Because the surgery is so complex, it is excruciatingly important for the patient to find a doctor who specializes in this sort of operation. The doctor should be experienced and qualified. Failing to find the right doctor could lead to surgical errors and higher risks of side effects. An inexperienced doctor (non-plastic surgery specialist) also raises the chance of revision surgery for the patient, as well.

Announcer: Ahh~ Then what are the possible side effects that can occur?

Director: The implant could possibly bend or shift. The tip of the nose could become discolored a bit if there is inflammation.

Announcer: Nowadays, it seems that the double-jaw surgery is quite famous. Could you explain to us what sort of surgery this may be?

Director: The double-jaw surgery is a surgery that shift the upper and lower jaw to create a more harmonically balanced look.
This is performed to fix severe deformation of the jaw and chin along with malocclusion.
These days, an increasing number of people come for this more and more populary surgery because they want to surgically fix their long face or facial assymmetry.

Announcer: So is facial contouring surgery and double-jaw surgery different?

Director: Yes, quite different, actually. Facial contouring is shaving of the bone to create the desired look, while double-jaw surgery is requires actual bone-cutting, Osteotomy. The recovery time for double-jaw surgery is more extensive, as well. Think of it as, unlike facial contouring, it is a more intricate and complex surgery with dramatic results.

Announcer: Nowadays many celebrities seem to be undergoing double-jaw surgery and the results are quite dramatic! It makes people wonder, is it that easy to just go through with this surgery?

Director: Double-jaw surgery is a complex surgery that requires a long recovery time. In addition, because the bone continues to grow, the age restriction for this sort of surgery is 18 and older.

Announcer: It seems there are a lot of drawbacks and dangers to this surgery.

Director: Because it is such a complex surgery, you need a skilled and qualified doctor, like myself, to make sure everything is carefully planned out and checked.

In one case, I one had a patient who came to the hospital with facial asymmetry. Because of this asymmetry, he developed a habit of chewing food only on one side. With this, the lower jaw became bigger and began to protrude outward

Harry (21 years old)
Since my teeth are not aligned evenly, even doing something as simple as eating noodles becomes an overwhelmingly difficult task.

Director: In this situation, we could perform the double-jaw surgery, however, since the facial asymmetry is not that severe in this case, through orthodontic treatment alone, you will see a significant result.
Because the double-jaw surgery is such a big and complex surgery, it should only be performed when the case of deformity is severe.

Announcer: So what do you think causes such a severe deformity anyway?

Director: Majority of the times it is genetics, 10%. Both other times, it could be from bad habits generally as an adolescent. This can include petty things such as chin lifts, bad sleeping habits, or even physical trauma.

Years of chewing only on one side may also lead to bone deformation as well.

Announcer: If I were to diagnose the patient with facial asymmetry, what sort of surgical operation do you think I would recommend?

Director: It is impossible for a person to have a perfectly symmetrical face. Simply put, when one laughts, the crows of from your eyes are not asymmetrical, but similar and balanced enough. Just like how the face should be, not perfectly asymmetrical, but evenly balanced.

Announcer: Then what sort of safety precautions are needed to take when it comes to the double-jaw surgery?

Director: Well, double-jaw surgery, for one, requires general anesthesia. Since it is also a surgery where nerves and blood vessels are manipulated in the face, it is extremely important that you see a specialist who has an experienced and skilled.

In addition, not only is it a plastic surgery procedure, but it is also dental. Qualified doctors, anesthesioly specialists need to be skilled and able to respond quickly in case of an emergency situation in this interdisciplinary surgery.

Announcer: So, it is important to find a skilled and qualified hospital to preform this complex surgery, correct?

Director: Yes, that’s correct!

Announcer: We appreciate you being here with us today. It was a pleasure having you!


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