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Rhinoplasty, the Maximum Result with the Minimum Surgery

2014-01-14 10:36
Doctors of Eye, Nose, and Petit Surgery Center at

[Doctors of Eye, Nose, and Petit Surgery Center at ID Hospital]

[Hankooki.com] Dec. 17th 2013
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Rhinoplasty, the Maximum Result with the Minimum Surgery

People who have low noses seem to have wide face and prominent cheek bone (zygoma), while people who have high noses seem to have small face relatively because eyes of others are focused on the noses although it is only when the noses are in harmony with other facial parts.

If you are complaining because of your low nose, your face can be small and defined by making your nasal dorsum higher. There is a simple plastic surgery for whom has a low nose and is scared of regular plastic surgery, which is ‘Mini-rhinoplasty.’

By using an artificial implant, such as silicone, mini-rhinoplasty makes nasal dorsum higher in a fast and simple way. Because it only raises the height of nasal dorsum, not only mini-rhinoplasty provides a natural nose, but it also takes only 30 minutes. Compared to regular rhinoplasty which takes one and a half hours to two hours, the operating time of mini-rhinoplasty is greatly shortened. Mini-rhinoplasty raises low nasal dorsum without leaving a scar by enclosed incision and is economical due to relatively cheap surgical costs.

If you want to raise the nasal tip with the nasal dorsum, ‘Barbie-line rhinoplasty’ is the answer. The most ideal nasal line will be embodied with patient-customized nasal tip, nasal dorsum, and nasal columella. Barbie-line rhinoplasty is featured by appropriately pointing up nasal tip.

For straight nasal dorsum, artificial implants such as gore-tex and silicone will be applied to nasal dorsum, while autologous cartilage such as cartilage of nasal septum and cartilage of ears will be used for more natural and pointy nose tip. Since two types of cartilages are used for nose tip, patients can design the shape and height of their noses as they prefer.

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