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Recover health by improving TMJ disorders through corrective jaw surgery

2014-02-05 08:41
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[Dr. Hee-jin Shin from the TMJ center at ID hospital]

[Wstar news] Jan. 20th, 2014
The original article can be retrieved from http://wstarnews.hankyung.com/apps/news?popup=0&nid=03&c1=03&c2=03&c3=00&nkey=201401201321201&mode=sub_view

Recover health by improving TMJ disorders through corrective jaw surgery

Individuals who want to be celebrities and young women are highly interested in corrective jaw surgery. It is greatly affected by celebrities who show up with smaller face after they got corrective jaw surgery, as well as numerous postings after orthognathic surgery on the Internet

However, oral and maxillofacial surgeons emphasize that appearance can be changed after orthognathic surgery because of mandibular prognathism or mouth protrusion being corrected, but the main purpose for corrective jaw surgery is to improve the function of jaw and teeth by correcting deviated teeth and face to have a healthy life.

Dr. Hee-jin Shin from the TMJ center at ID hospital says that “When TMJs have problems; people have difficulty in performing daily activities because people move their TMJ whenever they eat, drink, or laugh, so TMJ disorder should be treated,” and that “Orthognathic surgery is one of ways to treat patients who suffer from TMJ disorders because their jaw bones and teeth are out of alignment.”

Most TMJ disorders result from wrong lifestyles, such as chewing touch food on one side for a long time, clenching jaw habitually, or resting a chin in the hand. Moreover, TMJ disorders can be worse due to twisted jaw bones or malocclusion. Mandibular prognathism, facial asymmetry, mouth protrusion, and receding chin (weak chin) are examples. The function of mastication will be affected by irregularly locating or abnormally protruding jaw and teeth malocclusion, giving rise to TMJ disorders and even digestive disorders.

Corrective jaw surgery is to move abnormal maxilla (upper jaw) and mandible (lower jaw) to the right position, improving the overall jaw shape as well as functional occlusion. There are many people who have to have corrective jaw surgeries because of their malfunctioning, but they hesitate to have the surgeries because of nervousness and a long recovery period. Recently, however, safer and more effective ways have been developed for patients’ sake by skipping orthodontic procedure before surgery and intermaxillary fixation after surgery.

Dr. Shin says that “If causes for disorder are systematically examined and a competent and trustworthy oral and maxillofacial surgeon takes in charge, the shape and function of jaw can be enhanced without side effects,” and “If patients do not improve bad habits that aggravate TMJs, TMJ disorders can be recurrent. So, it is important to have healthy lifestyles.”

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