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How to get a satisfactory result from cheek reduction surgery?

2014-02-10 16:39
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[Dr. Hye-young Kim from the facial contouring center at ID hospital (Plastic surgery specialist)]

[Wstar news] Dec. 31st, 2013
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How to get a satisfactory result from cheek reduction surgery?

There are many cases on the Internet of those who got plastic surgeries, overcame their complexes, and became bright and positive. Among many plastic surgeries, cheek reduction surgery provides great satisfaction because zygoma (cheekbone) reduction surgery maintains natural aspects of one’s face, while changing the overall image by becoming smooth and feminine. The experts say that, however, individual-customized surgery should be grappled deeply from the beginning, such as when a person has a consultation or gets examined, in order to obtain a satisfying result from surgery.

Dr. Hye-young Kim (a plastic surgery specialist) from the facial contouring center at ID hospital says that “zygoma can be divided by three parts: frontal, 45 degree, and lateral (side). Because different parts of zygoma can be developed in different extent and shape in different persons, the overall harmony should be considered before surgery in an individual base.”

If the 45 degree and lateral parts of zygoma are developed, resulting in having a seemingly big face and looking aged, those two parts of zygoma need to be receded. While receding, the frontal cheekbone can be pushed forward a little, giving rise to a reduced size of the face as well as three dimensional volumes to the face.

If a person is aged so skin elasticity has been decreased or if a person has a lot of fat on the cheeks and worries about sagging after surgery, the V3 lifting procedure can be performed with zygoma reduction surgery. V3 lifting removes fat on the cheeks and lifts sagging skin up tightly, resulting in a small face with elastic skin.

If a person has a flat and wide face, 45 degree and side cheekbone can be retreated and autologous fat or implant can be grafted onto the frontal cheekbone. This procedure makes the person’s face look more dimensional.

If only 45 degree cheekbone is a little bit developed, a minor surgery can be performed. Partial osteotomy will be made and severed bone will be rotated. The operating time for this surgery is much shorter than that of regular cheekbone reduction surgery. Also, the surgical traces are not visible on the X-ray because no pin is used to fix bone. Discharge on the same day of surgery is possible, so employees who cannot get a certain amount of break for surgery can get surgery, have a recovery time during the weekend, and go back to their normal lives without difficulties.

Dr. Kim also advises that “Normally, only facial bone is taken into account when a surgery is planned. However, changes beyond facial bone surgery need to be considered because face is covered with facial bone as well as skin, muscles, or etc.”

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