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Curious About Plastic Surgery?

2014-03-06 11:30
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Curious About Plastic Surgery?

but don"t know a thing or two about it?
An overview about the procedures ID Hospital has to offer
in releasing your hidden inner beauty

*Facial Bone Contouring

Over 20 years experience with the reputation as the leading hospital in the nation for facial sculpting, ID Hospital contours to ultimately change your image for a dramatic, yet completely natural appeal. Whether you want a more masculine, feminine, softer, younger, or more rugged appeal, ID Hospital can ensure the most natural results for your facial contour that best fits the harmony and balance of your face!~

*V Line Square Jaw Surgery

V-Line Square Jaw Surgery creates a softer, feminine facial contour with a perfectly centered V chin. This surgical method perfectly corrects those with square, asymmetric, unappealing jaw lines to project a more lovely facial contour that is well-balanced and harmonized with the rest of you facial features

Mandible Reduction + Genioplasty = V Line Square Jaw Surgery
ideal for: squarish, masculine, elongated, asymmetric, unappealing jaw lines

*Mini V-Line

Genioplasty focusing on the middle third of your jaw line to center the chin accordingly while creating a more small, feminine facial contour.

ideal for: sharp jaw line/ no mandible protrusion, but broad, wide, squarish or uneven chin

*Younger-Appealing Zygoma Surgery

This surgery will slim down the over-projected zygoma and will result in a softer, younger-looking appeal.

ideal for: protruded cheek bone or wide cheek bones

*Volume Zygoma Surgery

By adding dimension and depth to the zygoma area, her once wide and flat zygomas will be volumized. The result will be a softer, well-balanced, and younger-looking appeal .

ideal for: wide, broad cheekbones, but flat profile view

*Orthognatic Center

Restoring not only aesthetic beauty, but overall improving the jaw line while treating all functional issues as well as restoring calibration.

*No-Tie Double Jaw Surgery

Manibular prognatism will be treated for the protruding elongated jaw by correcting the upper and lower through this surgery. Not only will doing so aesthetically improve the jaw-line, but will treat any functionality issues as well as restoring stable calibration.

ideal for: uneven or misaligned bite, unstabilized bite calibration, protruded or elongated mouth, long face

*Class 3 Malocclusion Surgery

The asymmetric, protruding jaw and unbalanced jawline will be realigned and corrected into a more appealing, masculine, well-balanced jaw line and restore a stable calibration in the bite

ideal for: uneven or misaligned bite, unstabilized bite calibration, protruded or elongated mouth, long face

*Dental Correction

The upper and lower teeth will be corrected by rearrangement and realignment in order to create a perfectly well-balanced, beautiful set of healthy teeth and even bite

*Eyes & Nose Surgical Center

Clinical expertise and skilled ‘know-how’ hands ideal for a “natural beauty” look by emphasizing and accentuating the eyes and nose through surgery for more beauty and balance in the overall harmony of the individual’s face, guaranteeing confidence and satisfactory results.

*Seven-Lock Non-Incision Method

Old style incision method creates harsh lines and overall results in scaring that lasts forever. With the skinny incision, you don"t need to worry about big, noticeable scars.

ideal for: those for thick eyelids with a lot of fat or loose skin.

*Ptosis Correction

Eyes that portray a bit of a harsh glare will become more appealing eyes that give off a warmer, more refreshing appeal. Ptosis correction will open up the eyes more to give off a more brighter, refreshing impression

ideal for: sleepy, assymetric eyes, or eyes that do not open wide enough

*Barbie Line Nose Surgery

The low and short nose bridge will be corrected and project a more sophisticated, sassy appeal. The nose tip will be lifted to project a more three dimensional, refined, and feminine look

*3D- CT Rhinoplasty

To get a thorough understanding of the structure of each individual’s nose, 3D-CT scans are used to help avoid any unnecessary problems in creating a perfectly well-balanced nose

*Bikini Body Line

A voluptuous body line with an alluring, feminine bust line restoring natural beauty and self-confidence through skilled surgical hands where no one will have a clue you had surgery at all. Natural beauty and restored confidence.

*Bikini Breast Augmentation

Specially customized implants will be used in this surgery resulting in an overall big, but natural-looking appeal. These breasts will look especially flattering in a bikini

*Anti-Aging Center

Clinical expertise and skilled ‘know-how’ hands ideal to work against the flow of time and correct deep wrinkles and signs of aging into firm, resilient skin for a rich, natural, youthful, elegant appeal. The young, youthful face restored.

*V3 Lifting

For less serious cases, the V3 Lifting simultaneously works not only the skin, but the muscle and fat around the lower third of the face in order to create a more defined, beautiful facial V line. Without any extensive complex surgeries, this procedure is simple without the bone-cutting technique. However, this technique only applies to some and may only be certain after a person to person consultation

ideal for: double chin, fat around the jaw line, fat bottom third of the face, sagging skin


A small incision designed to correct or improve the sagging brow and wrinkling that makes a person appear older

ideal for: sagging skin

*Nasolabial fold correction

As one ages, the nasolabial folds, or smile/laugh lines, become prominent and can hinder one’s looks by making them appear older.

*Petite Perfection

Non-complex surgical procedures for enhancements and improvements to overall accentuate your other facial features. Procedures ranging from fat grafting to injections for a more radiant, incandescent, younger appeal. Why change completely, when you can improve and enhance~

*Fat Grafting

Fat is harvested and grafted into the forehead to achieve a healthier, well-balanced, natural, and younger looking face

*Forehead fat Grafting

Fat is harvested and grafted into the flat, small forehead to create a more volumous, dimensional, well-balanced forehead

Graft areas: cheeks, temples, chin, forehead, etc.

*Filler/ Botox Injection

Perfection and enhancement without surgery

injectable areas: nasolabial folds, wrinkles, nose, forehead, chin, love bands

*After Surgery Care

Face Diet

After surgery, systematic bruising and swelling will be improved through Face Diet. This will help with complexion and help speed up final results


Real people
Real Results 🙂

The trust of beauty lays in the promising hands of ID Hospital ★☆

ID Hospital, where happier faces are discovered.
(From facial bone to eyes and nose plastic surgery)

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