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2014-03-06 11:35
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*Age: 22
*Insecurities: Elongated Jaw, Long Face, Asymmetry
*Surgical Plan: No-Tie Double Jaw Surgery, V Line Square Jaw Surgery, Barbie Line Nose Surgery, Epicanthoplasty, Forehead Fat Graft

**One month post-op

"Since its been a month already, I have come to the hospital to see the progress of the surgery~
There"s still a lot of swelling, but compared to before, sooooo much has resided ^^

After having orthognatic surgery, I think the most interesting of all is the fact that my bite aligns very well now.
Lately, I have been sticking to soft food, but finally being able to chew with my front teeth for the first time ever is so interesting +ㅁ+
Later, when I am able to eat solid food again, I am for sure going to bite into a nice, hard apple with my two front teeth!

I have been eating well with all the other patients and we get along quite well too, but I still wish to hurry and recovery so that I can go home and see my mother and younger brother 🙁 "

**3 months post-op ~ Let Me In broadcast

" Just finished the LET ME IN episode shooting~!
After seeing my face for the first time, I was soooo surprised~!!! Seriously, no joke!
I look like a celebrity!
I am so, so, so thankful to my doctors~~

It was so nice seeing my brother and mother after being apart for so long.
Now, I can finally go home too.
I want to see all my friends and show them my new face
I am wondering if they will even be able to recognize me hehehe

After the broadcasting, I took a heartfelt picture with the hospital workers~
I became really pretty, didn"t I ? hehe "

**4 months post-op

" Lately I have been going to school and trying to adapt~
At first, my friends were a bit awkward since I looked so different,
but it seems they have adapted too~ lol

Before, I would always take pictures while hiding my long jaw,
but now, it seems like no matter how I take the picture, it comes out pretty lolol

Whenever I am just walking around the streets, people often recognize me
so I feel a bit shy~
However, since they always compliment me and praise me,
I am very thankful~

Since my face has changed, people always tell me I am so pretty~ hehe
But most importantly, since my confidence has been restored, I am so happy~ "

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