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Having sleepy eyes? Suspect ptosis!

2014-03-31 09:24
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[Wstar news] Mar. 11th, 2014
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Having sleepy eyes? Suspect ptosis!

Ptosis (=blepharoptosis) is defined as drooping eyelids and causes people to look sleepy. Those who have ptosis happen to fail their job interviews because of their lethargic impression.

There are various causes of ptosis; weakness of the levator muscle that raises the eyelids, damage to the nerves that control that muscle, the result of injury, and so forth. With this in mind, an appropriate surgery should be performed to have a great effect. If a person does not have any problems with the levator muscle, but only have sagging upper eyelids, double eyelid surgery is enough for the person to get clear and refreshing eyes. However, if strength of the levator muscle has been weakened, a surgery to tighten the levator muscle should be considered, which is called Ptosis Correction surgery at the ID hospital.

Ptosis can be corrected by a close surgery called ‘non-incisional ptosis correction surgery.’ Thread will go into the eyelids through the mucous membrane and shorten the levator muscle by tying it up.

It is worried that the levator muscle may unravel due to the limitation of a close (non-incisional) surgery, but multiple knots will be made and fixed tightly and worrying about untying is unnecessary. Even better, there will be no visual scar as well as less swelling and less recovery time required, compared to regular ptosis correction surgery.

Dr. Soo-woo Joung, plastic surgery specialist of ID hospital, says that “Non-incisional ptosis correction surgery will improve sagging skin and fat in the upper eyelids, which cover the pupil and results in a sleepy appearance. By having the surgery, therefore, patients can expect clear and defined eyes as if they wear colored contacts.”

Dr. Joung also says that “Non-incisional ptosis correction surgery is suitable for those who have minor to moderate ptosis or uneven eyes. Incisional ptosis correction surgery might be necessary for those who have severely sagging upper eyelids, a lot of fat in the eyelids, or thick skin.”

It is highly recommended to have surgery in order to correct ptosis from experienced and skillful specialists, otherwise ptosis might reoccur.

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