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What is Ptosis Correction? - answered by Dr. Dong Yeon Hwang, an eyes and nose specialist at ID Hospital

2014-06-25 09:08
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[Dr. Dong Yeon Hwang, one of the leading eyes and nose specialists at ID Hospital]

What is Ptosis Correction?

And why should it be performed only at ID Hospital?

Nowadays, since eyelid surgery is such a high in-demand surgery, people assume that by just getting eyelids, their eyes will appear bigger and brighter. This is not true!

In some cases, it is true. You can get bigger, brighter, more cheerful, and youthful eyes just by getting eyelids. BUT, what people don"t realize is that every person"s eyes are different. Asian eyes are not all the same, and neither are Caucasian eyes. You need to take into consideration the fact that every eye shape and style is different. Thickness of fat in the upper and lower eyelid as well as how much skin sags or hangs is a critical aspect that the doctor must take into consideration while performing eye surgery.

Think about it this way, if the opening of the eyelid is small and covers a lot of your eyeball, and you only do eyelid surgery, then you will have a small eye that looks heavy, but will have a nice eyelid.

Or, if you do Ptosis Correction and open up the eye and do eye lid surgery as well, then you will have big, bright, eyes with a big crease to go with it. Thus, resulting in a more cheerful and youthful image.

Does it make sense?

Eyes not only need an eye crease, but they need to be opened up, as well, for a big, bright-eyed look. Who wants sagging, low, heavy-looking eyes?

How is Ptosis Correction performed, and how is ID Hospital the best hospital for you?

Dr. Dong Yeon Hwang, one of the leading eyes and nose specialists at ID Hospital, performs Ptosis Correction through either ID"s Skinny Incision Method or ID"s Seven-Lock Incision Method, depending on which method is more favorable to the patient.

After creating micro incisions, we go into the eyelid and under the skin and fat until we reach the muscles. We then tighten and fasten the muscles in the upper eyelid in order to open up the eyes bigger. This surgery is much more complex than normal eyelid surgery, and two different procedures produce different results. Therefore, the right doctor should be considered for this intricate, complex surgery, not just any other eyelid surgeon.

Dr. Dong Yeon Hwang states that "Ptosis Correction and eyelid surgery are both two different procedures with two completely different outcomes and shouldn"t be done just by any other eyelid surgeon. Not only is it important to open up the eye big enough, but it is important to leave no scaring and evidence after by neatly, carefully closing up the eyelid for the most natural result."

The eyes are the most important part of our face. They are what draws others to us and if the shape, style, or appeal of your eyes give off a mean, harsh glare, sleepy, or angry impression, then it could change your overall image and appeal!

Big, beautiful, radiant eyes for a more cheerful, youthful appeal at ID Hospital.