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Dr. Sang Hoon Park promised an exceptional, long-term plastic surgery plan for Mr. Seong-bae Park, a candidate of Let Me In TV

2014-07-02 18:22


One of candidates for Let Me In for Man, Seong-bae Park, introduced his recent daily life on his SNS.

The sympathetic stories of Seong-bae Park have broadcast on the 19th of June through Let Me In TV program. Park has suffered from cleft lip and palate as well as malocclusion. Even his marriage ran up against opposition due to his facial deformities.

Dr. Sang-hoon Park from ID hospital, one of Let Me In doctors, said that “Mr. Park has had physical, psychological, and spiritual pain like any other chosen ones and, therefore, definitely needs a makeover, but it is very hard to expect a dramatic change in a short period. So, orthodontic treatment for about 6 months prior to surgery will proceed first, followed by bone grafting. After bone grafting surgery, additional post-surgery orthodontic treatment for 6 months to 1 year will be applied. Meanwhile, the result of surgery will be checked periodically, and orthognathic surgery will be performed when the condition is permitted.”