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Non-incisional ptosis correction surgery makes eyes natural

2014-07-18 17:09
Non-incisional ptosis correction surgery.jpg

[Wstar news] 2013-06-12
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Double eyelid surgery is the most popular plastic surgery in Korea.
This procedure is so commonly underwent that it is oftentimes not even regarded as plastic surgery.

As the demand for this procedure has increased, more and more people want to have natural-looking eyes. Therefore, “Non-incisional ptosis correction surgery” is rising in popularity since natural eyes are especially achievable through this surgical method.

Those who have ptosis tend to look sleepy and their eyes may look small since the levator muscles in charge of lifting up the eyelids are relatively weaker than normal. For those whose symptoms are not that severe, they can obtain naturally big, beautiful eyes through this surgical method.

As per non-incision ptosis correction surgery, threads will go into the eyelids and tie the levator muscles. The muscles will then be connected, resulting in natural creases from inside. Through this method, the muscles will be shortened and the eyes will open big and bright.