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An article about ‘Diamond Osteotomy’ has registered on the website of the Journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons

2014-07-22 11:55
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Dr. Sang Hoon Park and four other board-certified plastic surgeons issued an article regarding a new surgical method of lower-half facial bone contouring surgery to reduce and/or lengthen the chin. On the 17th, the article was introduced on the main page of the ‘Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery: Journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.’

The article is titled as ‘Contouring of the Lower Face by a Novel Method of Narrowing and Lengthening Genioplasty.’

There are several methods of chin surgery, such as ㅅ-osteotomy, T-osteotomy, Y-osteotomy, etc., and there has always been limitation to elongate the length of chin by inserting implants or artificial bones. With the new surgical method which is called ‘Diamond Osteotomy,’ however, the chin can be longer without using implants or undergoing additional surgery. Through ‘Diamond Osteotomy,’ the chin is severed in pentagonal (diamond) shape, and the chin is naturally lengthened and reduced.

Horizontal osteotomy will be made 5 mm lower than the passage of nerves to avoid nerve damage, and vertical osteotomy will be designed as upside down trapezoid (diamond shape). The most ideal facial ratio, the location of nerves, and the patient’s preference will be thoroughly considered to elongate and reduce the chin by adjusting the length of bone left in the middle.

Dr. Sang Hoon Park says that “Let’s assume that a patient who has very short chin undergoes mandible jaw reduction surgery. The patient’s face will become slender, but the short chin will remain being short. In order to compensate for the short chin, additional surgery to lengthen the chin needs to be performed by using artificial bone, one’s own bone, filler, or implants.

Dr. Park also mentions that “No implant or secondary surgery is necessary for V-Line surgery with diamond osteotomy. The surgery only uses patient’s own bone. V-Line surgery with ‘Diamond Osteotomy’ is revolutionary because an ideal v line can be achieved no matter what kinds of chins the patients have, even if it is too broad or too short.

The original article can be retrieved from http://www.moneyweek.co.kr/news/mwView.php?type=1&no=2014071719438076277&outlink=1

The academic article published by Dr. Park and others can be found at

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