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Koreans advice on facial wrinkles_face lifting

2014-07-23 11:11
Dr young tae seo id plastic surgery hospital effec

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[BabyNews] June 5th, 2014
The original article can be retrieved from http://www.ibabynews.com/news/newsview.aspx?newscode=201406051039118040003691&categorycode=0017#z

Facial lifting procedure, stretching the skin is not everything.

All people experience aging. Aging process is especially concentrated on the forehead and around the eyes. Deep wrinkles start to appear and skin around the jaw line starts to sag down. Rather than happening all at once, this is something that gradually occurs over a period of time. After the changes have accumulated, the symptoms of aging become so obvious one day that people realize the necessity of management and improvement. Severe aging can greatly impact one’s life and sometimes cause depression.

In the previous days, in order to stretch the facial wrinkles, facial skin was cut off. These days, on the other hand, a simple improvement on the wrinkles is possible by using dissolvable threads or laser treatment. In addition to lifting effect, an ideal facial contour can be achieved through those procedures by enhancing the elasticity of skin without facial bone being reduced.

V3 Lifting Procedure helps people obtain a slim jaw line by lifting facial skin as well as reducing fat and muscles at the same time, unlike other regular lifting procedures. During this procedure, sagging skin is stretched up, extra fat is removed, and the size of muscles is reduced.

V3 Lifting Procedure is also effective for those who appear to have a square-shaped face or no chin due to sagging skin and flesh. The border line between face and neck will be defined. The face will become slim and tight with a v-lined facial contour. Those whose faces seem to be big and blunt due to a lot of buccal fat or who are concerned with double chin also benefit from V3 Lifting Procedure.

The operation takes 30 minutes to 1 hour. It is a simple procedure and does not require hospitalization or removal of stitches. People can return to their daily routine within 1-2 days after the procedure.

If people meticulously follow all the post-surgery precautions as guided and additionally receive professional swelling care, the lifting effect will be even more maximized. Care directly stimulates the surgical area, helping break down fat and preventing muscles from being accumulated. So, periodic care can help increase the result of the procedure.

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