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Rhinoplasty on the Rise for Men in Korea

2014-07-23 16:27
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[E-NEWS TODAY] 2014.07.07
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In the past, macho behavior was represented as a real man. However, it has changed. Now, men are more prefered to have not only charisma and a tough face but also pretty face.

Therefore, now more than ever before in Korea, there is an increasing pressure on men to look good. They want to change their complex through cosmetic surgery so they seek the "21st century"s manly look" which combines the tough look as well as the good-looking appeal.

It doesn"t mean that men become feminine since they are pursuing beauty.
Men and women"s goals are different as they have an fundamental difference.

Mainly, Men prefer to improve their complex . Men"s goals include more sincere and reliable appearance rather than just an aesthetic appeal.

Especially, Rhinoplasty was the most prefered cosmetic surgery to men. Because the nose is in the middle of the face, it has a great role in deciding one"s impression. If someone has low profile, hump or deviated nose, his face won"t look like a guy who has charisma and will be difficult to show their reliableness.

In this case, you can have rhinoplasty to augment the height of your nose that makes you look more manly. If you make your nasal dorsum or nose tip too sharp, it can make a bad impression and unnatural face.

ID Hospital"s Dr. Il Hwan, Kim said " for men"s rhinoplasty, the method that connect artificial implants from nasal dorsum to nose tip is prefered. In contrast, women prefer to have sharp nose tip, C-curved or pointy nose. With alar reduction and columella lifting surgery, it will make clear-cut features too.

Yet, many of men still hesitate to have plastic surgery. If you have face complex but can"t decide, there is "virtual simulation" which is for the patient to have a general idea of what the outcome may turn out.

Morpheus 3D equipment shows prediction of realistic and progressive changes of before and after the treatment/surgery. Through this method, the doctor will design your face according to what he thinks is best with the harmony of your face, something simulation cannot project, but helps the patient get a general idea of what the outcome may be.