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How Korean Celebrities Keep their V-Line Face?

2014-07-25 15:29
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[Wstar news] 2014.04.24
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For women, the ideal and most sought after face type is the ever-so-popular V-Line shape. The V-line shape is ideal because it tends to make the face look more feminine. So many people try to make a V-line face through daily massage, facial exercises and dietary treatment .

There are many celebrities who have a V-line face. GAIN from Brown eyed girls, Mina from Girls day, Isaem from 9muses not only have a slim body but also a slim V-line face. Their V-line faces are adimired by fan girls.

Tough Foods and Grinding of the Teeth Make Your Jaw Square

If you want to have slim jaw line, you need to change your life style. First, chewing gum and eating tough food make your chin muscle tight that leads to square jaw line. Grinding the teeth during sleep is the the reason to be square line jaw too. Teeth grinding occurs on a regular basis, the teeth can become damaged and other complications can arise, such as jaw muscle discomfort or TMJ pain.

potassium and sodium prevent swelling
Eating late-night meals are harmful to celebrities who are appearing on TV. Especially, spicy and salty foods make your face swollen a lot. It"s because sodium makes the body swell. But, what if you can"t help but to eat it?

If you know the how the ingredients of food works on the body, it will be helpful. Such as, consuming food which contains potassium while eating a meal contains lots of sodium helps to reduce swelling. Both potassium and sodium helps not only to prevent swelling but also eliminate waste from the body. So, if you follow this pronciple, you can keep your jaw line slim even if you had late-night snack.

Choose the Right V-line Operation
Lately, people undergo cosmetic surgery to have V-line jaw line. Moreover, Facial contouring surgery is getting more developed. However, it"s important to choose the cosmetic surgery procedure by one"s face line and a purpose of surgery.

Faces that can have dramatic effects with Mini V-line chin surgery. Mini v line surgery deals with the tip of chin, only. A patient"s chin will be cut in to a T-shape (T-osteotomy), and the middle bone will be removed and side bones will be fixed with titanium pins. The sides bone can be cut in different extent to correct asymmetry. As it leave one"s own jaw line in some extent, it looks more natural.

If you want to hide that you had jaw line surgery, "T-osteotomy V-line surgery" is recommended. "T-osteotomy V-line surgery" fixation plates are not harmful to the body. They cannot be seen or felt after 2 years. Moreover, they cannot be detected by the airport’s metal detector nor X-ray as they are absorbed in the body.

If you have an excessive amount of buccal fat on your cheek and jaw line, the remaining skin and fat may sag down after cheekbone or jaw reduction surgery because bones which used to hold them were reduced. So, in this case, "V3 lifting procedure" is recommeded for those who have facial contouring surgeries (cheekbone reduction surgery and v line surgery).

ID hospital plastic surgeon, Tak-Ho Kim said, " Chin(jaw) growth can occur by nature or acquired habbits" and "if you change the habbit which induce square jaw line, it can prevent to have more square or protude face line". In addition, if the jaw problem was incurred by nature, you can have plastic surgery as well".